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Monster Hunter: World Tips and Tricks

by Josh Hawkins

Being a successful Hunter in Monster Hunter: World is all about tracking your prey, discovering their weaknesses, and exploiting the environment around you to take them down as quickly as you can. Each hunt is meant to be a challenge, and not knowing what you’re doing can lead to your defeat at the hands of nature’s most dangerous creatures. To help you out we’ve put together this list of handy Monster Hunter: World tips and tricks to get you started in the game.

Trust the Fireflies

One of the best options you have as a new player in Monster Hunter: World is the option to make use of the Fireflies that pinpoint areas of interest and tracks that you should be interested in. While veteran players may choose to ignore these—to instead find the tracks on their own—these helpful creatures are going to be extremely important for new players looking to get off the ground in Monster Hunter: World. Make use of this resource, and don’t be afraid to fall back on it if you get stumped.

Pay Attention to the World

You never know what kind of threats are waiting in the dense bushes that you move through in Monster Hunter: World, and you should always be paying careful attention to the world around you as you look for your main target. There are plenty of smaller creatures out there looking for a quick and tasty meal, and knowing when they’re sneaking up on you could mean the difference between life and death. Make sure you pay attention and always keep an eye on the world around you.

Combos Are King

Combat in Monster Hunter: World is extremely deep and technical, and while it might seem like a button smasher on the surface, knowing how to score combos on monsters is going to be important if you want to take down the more difficult hunts out there. You’ll want to mix things up, and keep your enemies guessing. Standing in one place is going to get you killed, so make sure you’re staying on point and making use of the world around you to shake things up and give you a leg up in combat.

Team Up with Friends

While playing Monster Hunter: World is fun solo, it’s even more fun when you team up with some of your closest friends, or with new friends entirely. Thanks to a built in matchmaking option, you can team up with users around the world to take on the toughest hunts in the world. Trust us, you’re going to need friends for some of these hunts, so make sure you don’t ignore the people waiting to watch your back.

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