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Mini DayZ – How to Craft, All Crafting Recipes

by Josh Hawkins

Crafting is a pretty big component in Mini DayZ, and players can craft an assortment of items like bows, arrows, and even improvised storage bags. In this article we’ll go over the crafting system featured in Mini DayZ. We’ll tell you more about how to craft in Mini DayZ, and even teach you how to use it in game to make your own items and even how to repair your weapons and clothing. To top it off, we’ve got all crafting recipes in Mini DayZ.

How to Craft

Crafting in Mini DayZ works very similarly to crafting in the original DayZ game. In order to craft an item you’ll need to have all the items that the recipe requires, and then you’ll have to drag those items on top of each other to combine them into the item that you’re seeking. It’s a very simple system that translates well on mobile devices, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be on your way to crafting your own bases, items, and other gear.

Unfortunately, the only ranged weapon that you can craft is the bow, but you can take a look at our guide on how to get a gun in Mini DayZ to get a head start and find out where firearms spawn.

All Crafting Recipes

Now that you know the basics of crafting in Mini DayZ, let’s talk about the currently known recipes for items in the game. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many things available to craft just yet, but the things available in the game should give you plenty of stuff to work with.

First up, let’s talk about bows and arrows.

Crafting a bow is very simple, in fact, the hardest part about crafting this item is finding all the pieces for it. In order to craft a bow you’ll need to find a piece of rope and an Ashwood Stick. Different wooden resources can be acquired by chopping down different trees with an Axe.

To make arrows you’ll need to use Wooden Sticks with any available Knife.

As we mentioned before, the bow and arrows are the only weapon that you can currently craft in Mini Dayz. You can craft improvised storage bags, though, which will be very helpful if you have trouble finding a backpack.

In order to craft an Improvised Bag (which has 3 slots) you’ll need one piece of Rope and a Burlap Sack. Combine them together to make the bag.

You can also upgrade the Improvised Bag into an Improvised Backpack by combining three Wooden Sticks with the Improvised Bag. This will grant you five slots for items and gear.

The final item that you can craft is the Fireplace, which will allow you to build a fire anywhere you place it. To craft this item, combine Wood Piles with Rags, Wooden Sticks, or Paper. Then you can place the Fireplace Kit down wherever you need to, and light it with a set of Matches.

Alongside crafting, you can also repair certain items as well. For example, you can use Duct Tape to repair most gear by 15%. Likewise, you can use the Sewing Kit to repair 50% condition to most gear in the game. Need to repair your weapon? Use a Cleaning Kit on your firearm to repair it by 25%.

There is tons to do in Mini DayZ, and while crafting plays a large role in the game, you’ll find the best items available by searching buildings, towns, and military bases. Be sure to check out our guide on how to survive in Mini DayZ for more helpful tips, and then hop into the game on your mobile device to give it a shot.