If you've been cracking into Mario Kart Tour then you're probably just as pumped for the latest Tokyo Tour challenges as we are. Move aside, challenges about running over goats! We've got a whole host of new characters and karts to make the most of this time. Check out our Mario Kart Tour Koopalings guide for our tips and tricks on mastering their score challenge. 

Mario Kart Tour Koopalings Guide: Score 6,000 or Higher With a Koopaling Driver Challenge

For the uninitiated, the Koopalings are a new addition to Mario Kart Tour. Think of the Rabbids, but a little more, well, like annoying terrapins. They're part of Bowser's endless cadre of troublemakers, and well, you can race as them now thanks to the additions that came with the Tokyo Tour. 

One of the challenges that are a part of the Tokyo Tour is to "score 6,000 or higher with a Koopaling driver'. In order to do that, well, you're obviously going to have to use one of the new Koopaling drivers:

  • Iggy
  • Larry
  • Lemmy
  • Ludwig
  • Morton
  • Roy
  • Wendy

Much like any other score challenge in Mario Kart Tour, you're going to want to optimize your build and your course choice as much as you can if you're wanting to be efficient. Because this is about netting a frankly impressive score, our recommendation is to try your heart out: finishing first or at least placing will make sure that you're racking up the numbers.

We would recommend that you pick a course that has a lot of opportunities to show off your tricks: we're talking drifting, jump boosts, gliding, ramps, coins, and also your hand-eye coordination. Picking off your enemies in style without breaking your streak is crucial to getting points too. Try the Tokyo Blur T course on for size in the true spirit of the challenge. Make sure you're hitting all the above points that we mentioned and it should go swimmingly.

Now that you've got our Mario Kart Tour Koopaling guide to hand, taking care of this score challenge using one of these pesky turtles should be a piece of cake. Need help with anything else in Mario Kart Tour? Check out our guides hub for more.