Madden NFL 24 Roster Update: All Player Ratings Boosts

Some noteworthy ratings increased in Madden 24 and we’re not even halfway through the season!

all players with player ratings increased
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There has been a lot going on in Madden NFL 24, with all the content coming through almost daily following a relatively slow start to the campaign that saw many players moaning. With the return of NFL action, there have been plenty of talking points, memorable moments, and more.

During some of these early duels across the leagues, there were some standout performers who EA felt deserved a bump up in stats. In this post, I’ll list all of the Madden NFL 24 pros who have received an upgrade and who you should be looking to add to your lineup in whatever game mode you are playing on Madden 24.

All Players with Rating Boosts in Madden NFL 24

In the listing below, I have only added players who have received significant rating boosts in the game so far. Following the most recent week of NFL action while the rating adjustors were out and about, expect many more to be coming in soon.

Player Increased Stats in Madden 24

SpeedSpin MoveBreak TackleOVR
De’von Achane96767779
CarryingBC VisionJuke MoveOVR
Bijan Roberston87879385
CatchingJuke MoveDeep Route RunningOVR
Zay Flowers87878282
Finesse MovesAwarenessPlayer RecognitionOVR
Aidan Hutchinson86898785
Mike Evens92939691
Awareness Break TackleBC VisionOVR
James Cook69778178
TacklePursuitZone CoverageOVR
Quay Walker88887280
CatchingShort Route RunningMedium Route Running OVR
Tank Dell84787877
CarryingBC VisionBreak TackleOVR
Raheem Mostert88868482
TackleAwarenessFinesse MoveOVR
T.J. Watt95999697
PursuitAwarenessFinesse MoveOVR
Josh Allen88888586
Throw Acc DeepAwarenessThrow Acc MedOVR
Tua Tagovailoa90889387
Catch in TrafficThrow PowerReleaseOVR
Keenan Allen92549190
Throw Acc shortAwarenessThrow Acc MedOVR
Jordan Love87758075
Block SheddingPursuitFinesse MoveOVR 
Micah Parsons76959798
AwarenessZone CoveragePlay RecognitionOVR
Jessie Bates III96949693
Juke MoveAwarenessBreak TackleOVR
Christian McCaffrey94968697
Speed Acceleration Short Route Running AgilityCatchingOVR 
Puka Nacua929179838778

Other Madden NFL 24 Players With Increased Stats

These players either got a complete OVR increase or had one or two stats bumped up in the game. The other NFL stars, new and old, who received rating boosts are:

  • Josh Allen had his deep throw accuracy upped on Madden NFL 24, while Jalen Hurts got his deep throw accuracy and throwing under pressure increased.
  • TJ Hockenson of the Minnesota Vikings has seen his trucking ratings go up.
  • Anthony Richardson of the Colts saw a speed boost.
  • Josh Dobbs of the Arizona Cardinals saw all his attributes increase, taking him to a 67 OVR in the game.
  • Deebo Samuel’s juke move and agility increased. 
  • Ravens Lamar Jackson’s juke and BC vision saw a hike.
  • ​​Joshua Reynolds saw a boost in his spectacular catching ability.
  • Most recently, D. J. Moore received a massive OVR rating increase.

Possible Rating Boosts Coming After Weeks 4 & 5

Players who could receive increased ratings in Madden NFL 24 following some great displays over the last couple of weeks are:

  • Rondale Moore could see a rise in his speed.
  • Kenneth Walker’s juke move ability could be bumped up a notch.
  • Both T.J. Watt and Micah Parsons might be in the running for more stat increases.
  • D’Andre Swift might see another increase in his speed and OVR.
  • De’Von Achan​​e might see another big overhaul in his ratings.
  • Stefon Diggs could see a major increase in stats and ratings.
  • All of Devon Witherspoon’s stats will be increased following his career-opening sack.
  • The Seatle Seahawks’ Julian Love could see an increase in his speed, a special request from the franchise itself.

On the list above, the Los Angeles Rams’ Puka Nacua has seen one of the fastest increases in ratings, going +11 in his OVR in just four weeks of football. History-making numbers for the Rams wide receiver. If he keeps going at this rate, he might end the 23/34 campaign close to the 90 ratings.

So far for the season, we’ve seen one new player join the 99 elite squad. That being history maker Tyreek Hill. With all that’s been said and posted on social media, we could see Micah Parsons or T.J. Watt join the 99 gang very soon.

Christian McCaffrey and D’Andre Swift could and should be another two players who enjoy stat increases in the game. If so, the two become amazing picks for teams in whatever game mode. For more on Madden NFL 24, you can read: Highest Rated Players on Every Team in Madden NFL 24.

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