Highest Rated Players on Every Team in Madden NFL 24

Which player has the highest Madden rating on your favorite NFL team?

After a slow reveal over the course of a week, the complete Madden NFL 24 player ratings have finally been unveiled. Electronic Arts’ unique player scoring system rates every NFL player on a 99-point scale through its unique position-based metrics. Here are the best players on each of the 32 NFL teams (according to Madden), as well as their most notable stats in Madden NFL 24.

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Best Players on Every AFC Team

Screenshot via Prima Games

Baltimore Ravens

Mark Andrews, Tight End

Madden Rating: 95

Notable Stat: 95 CTH (Catching Rating)

Buffalo Bills

Stefon Diggs, Wide Receiver

Madden Rating: 96

Notable Stat: 98 CTH (Catching Rating)

Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow, Quarterback

Madden Rating: 95

Notable Stat: 99 SAC (Throw Accuracy Short Rating)

Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett, Defensive End

Madden Rating: 98

Notable Stat: 98 PMV (Power Moves Rating)

Denver Broncos

Patrick Surtain II, Cornerback

Madden Rating: 94

Notable Stat: 96 MCV (Man Coverage Rating)

Houston Texans

Laremy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle

Madden Rating: 95

Notable Stat: 97 PBK (Pass Block Rating)

Indianapolis Colts

Quenton Nelson, Guard

Madden Rating: 92

Notable Stat: 95 LBK (Lead Block Rating)

Jacksonville Jaguars

4-Way Tie: Josh Allen (Outside Linebacker), Tyson Campbell (Cornerback), Christian Kirk (Wide Receiver), Calvin Ridley (Wide Receiver)

Madden Rating: 85

Notable Stats: Allen: 91 TOU (Toughness), Campbell 93 ACC & STA (Acceleration and Stamina), Kirk: 93 ACC, Ridley: 94 ACC

Kansas City Chiefs

Tie: Travis Kelce, Tight End and Patrick Mahomes II, Quarterback

Madden Rating: 99

Notable Stats: Kelce: 99 AWR (Awareness), Mahomes II: 99 TOU (Toughness)

Las Vegas Raiders

Davante Adams, Wide Receiver

Madden Rating: 97

Notable Stat: 99 RLS (Release)

Los Angeles Chargers

Derwin James, Safety

Madden Rating: 95

Notable Stat: 94 AWR (Awareness)

Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill, Wide Receiver

Madden Rating: 98

Notable Stats: 99 SPD (Speed) & 99 ACC (Acceleration)

New England Patriots

Matthew Judon, Outside Linebacker

Madden Rating: 89

Notable Stat: 91 PRC (Play Recognition Rating)

New York Jets

Tie: Sauce Gardner, Cornerback and Quinnen Williams, Defensive Tackle

Madden Rating: 93

Notable Stats: Gardner: 97 MCV (Man Coverage), Williams 96 PRC (Play Recognition Rating)

Pittsburgh Steelers

T.J. Watt, Outside Linebacker

Madden Rating: 94

Notable Stat: 96 PUR (Pursuit Rating)

Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry, Running Back

Madden Rating: 94

Notable Stat: 99 SFA (Stiff Arm Rating)

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Best Players on Every NFC Team

Screenshot via Prima Games

Arizona Cardinals

Budda Baker, Safety

Madden Rating: 90

Notable Stat: 94 Stamina

Atlanta Falcons

Chris Lindstrom, Guard

Madden Rating: 93

Notable Stat: 98 RBF (Run Block Finesse Rating)

Carolina Panthers

Brian Burns, Outside Linebacker

Madden Rating: 87

Notable Stat: 95 AWR (Awareness)

Chicago Bears

Tremaine Edmunds, Middle Linebacker

Madden Rating: 87

Notable Stat: 93 TAK (Tackle Rating)

Dallas Cowboys

Zack Martin, Guard

Madden Rating: 99

Notable Stat: 98 RBP (Run Block Power Rating)

Detroit Lions

Frank Ragnow, Center

Madden Rating: 88

Notable Stat: 97 TOU (Toughness)

Green Bay Packers

Jaire Alexander, Cornerback

Madden Rating: 95

Notable Stats: 96 MCV (Man Coverage) & 96 ZCV (Zone Coverage)

Los Angeles Rams

Aaron Donald, Defensive Tackle

Madden Rating: 99

Notable Stats: 99 STR & 99 PMV (Strength and Power Move Ratings)

Minnesota Vikings

Justin Jefferson, Wide Receiver

Madden Rating: 99

Notable Stat: 99 SPC (Spectacular Catch Rating)

New Orleans Saints

Tyrann Mathieu, Safety

Madden Rating: 91

Notable Stat: 95 STA (Stamina Rating)

New York Giants

Dexter Lawrence, Defensive Tackle

Madden Rating: 94

Notable Stat: 98 PUR (Pursuit)

Philadelphia Eagles

Lane Johnson, Offensive Tackle

Madden Rating: 98

Notable Stat: 99 RBP (Run Block Power Rating)

San Francisco 49ers

Nick Bosa, Defensive End

Madden Rating: 98

Notable Stat: 98 FMV (Finesse Moves Rating)

Seattle Seahawks

Bobby Wagner, Middle Linebacker

Madden Rating: 89

Notable Stats: 93 PRC (Play Recognition) & 93 POW (Hit Power)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tristan Wirfs, Offensive Tackle

Madden Rating: 92

Notable Stat: 93 PBF (Pass Block Finesse Rating)

Washington Commanders

Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle and Terry McLaurin, Wide Receiver

Madden Ratings: 92

Notable Stats: Allen: 95 PRC (Play Recognition), McLaurin: 96 RLS (Release)

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