Lost Ark Elgacia Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

A new continent awaits

Lost Ark Elgacia Update Full Patch Notes Listed

Whenever I think about fun Lost Ark updates, the first thought that comes to mind is new continents to explore. My sheer joy and excitement when I played this for hours daily in preparation for South Vern’s release bring back some happy feelings. Fast forward to today’s update, we have the introduction of Elgacia! If you want to learn more, continue reading to find a comprehensive list of Lost Ark’s Elgacia patch notes released today!

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Lost Ark Elgacia Update Patch Notes – New Continent, Abyssal Dungeons and More

While Elgacia is the main focus of this update, there is plenty to explore this time! In particular, you’ll also find a brand new Abyssal Dungeon, raid event, and cosmetics, among other features. You can also upgrade ability stones now!

With all that said, let’s jump right into the new features for Lost Ark’s Elgacia update released today, June 13, 2023.

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Spotlight – Elgacia

The continent of Elgacia includes:

  • A new Field Boss, Israfel, with a recommended Item Level of 1540+
  • Elgacia Adventurer’s Tome, which includes a new emote, “Gift”, a new song “Song of the Lazeniths”, and a Wisdom Potion
  • Wandering Merchant
  • Rapport NPCs and quests
  • New Collectibles
  • Titles, Achievements, Cards, and Card Sets
  • Elgacia Jukebox Songs
  • Elgacia Knowledge Transfer

Speak to ‘Solar Knight Rahel’, an NPC in Vern Castle to receive the ‘Paradise of the Dreamless” quest to start exploring Elgacia. The ‘Paradise of the Dreamless’ quest requires reaching Item Level 1460 and completing ‘The Gate of Paradise Opens’ quest.

To travel to Ereonnor, play ‘Song of the Heavens’ once unlocked while in Arkesia. To travel to Nia Village, use pillar of light located next to Albion at Ereonnor in Elgacia.

Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary Abyssal Dungeon

  • Accessible after completing Elgacia story: Face guardians of light at ‘Eternal Cradle of Light’.
  • Can be accessed with a world quest, ‘Breaking the Cage’ after completing Elgacia story.
  • Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon has two difficulties; Normal and Hard, and has 4 gates to save your progress.
  • Normal Mode will require Item Level 1540+
  • Hard Mode will require Item Level 1580+

The harder the difficulty, the more impressive the rewards will be, such as Empyrean of Contemplation which grants the ability to upgrade Ancient Legion Raid gear set bonuses to level 3. After clearing Hard Mode ‘Eternal Cradle of Light’ gates 2 and 4, players have a chance to obtain two special mounts; Silent Wings and Forbidden Wings.

  • ‘Light-Reflecting Mirror’ NPC added to exchange Light’s Trial (a Kayangel Clear Reward) for various rewards
  • Another key reward are materials that upgrade Ability Stones to Ancient.

Balthorr Raid Event

Balthorr drank too much beer and is now hopelessly drunk. Calm him down to get special rewards in a new event! Receive an event quest from ‘Legendary Secret Tavern Master’ located in each major city. Progress through the quests to unlock a ticket to the Balthorr Raid Event, which can be completed once per day at the Great Castle’s Tavern. 

The raid opens every day at the following server times:

  • 11:00
  • 14:00
  • 17:00
  • 20:00
  • 23:00
  • 1:00
  • 03:00

Participate to earn event tokens that can be spent on a variety of special rewards, such as the new Legendary Card Packs, Pheons, cosmetics, honing materials, and more!

Event tokens can be earned once per day in the event, or by completing Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids.

General Updates

Fortunespire Part II

The final 25 floors of Fortunespire (26 to 50) have opened. With special first-time clear rewards such as a new Masterpiece collectible, Greater Skill Point Potion, honing materials, and more, Fortunespire has many rewards for those able to vanquish its challenges.

Fortunespire Item Level Requirements:

  • Floors 26 – 30: 1540+
  • Floors 31 – 35: 1550+
  • Floors 36 – 40: 1560+
  • Floors 41 – 45: 1570+
  • Floors 46 – 50: 1580+

Mokoko Buff

  • The Mokoko buff’s limit has been extended (from 1445) and now ends at 1475.
    • Below 1415: Damage to NPCs increased by 20%, damage received from NPCs decreased by 40%
    • 1415 – 1474: Damage to NPCs increased by 15%, damage received from NPCs decreased by 30%
  • The Mokoko Challenge will also extend up to 1475.

Ability Stone Upgrades

Added a system that allows players to upgrade Relic Ability Stones all the way to Ancient. Upgrading Ability Stones increases the Vitality of the base effect and the Vitality of the facet level bonus. The Engraving Effect doesn’t change and remains the same upon upgrade.

There are 4 levels, and each level requires different upgrade materials and player Item Level to complete. Materials for upgrading to all 4 levels can be earned in the Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon. The materials for the fourth level (Book of Judgement) can only be obtained from Kayangel Hard.

  • Upgrading to Level 1 requires Light Spear & Gold
  • Upgrading to Level 2 requires Crystal of Order & Gold
  • Upgrading to Level 3 requires Brilliant Orb & Gold
  • Upgrading to Level 4 (Ancient) requires Book of Judgement & Gold

Upgrades take place at the Ability Stone Faceting NPC. If all requirements (level and materials) are met, the upgrade can be conducted to a target stage by skipping the stages in between. The quantity of the materials required is cumulative.

At the Light-Reflecting Mirror NPC, you can exchange upgrade materials into higher level materials. The conversion rates are:

  • Light Spear x9 converts to Crystal of Order x1
  • Crystal of Order x7 converts to Brilliant Orb x1
  • Brilliant Orb x5 converts to Book of Judgement x1

General Updates

  • New Card Pack versions have been added, which include ‘Abyss Legendary’ card packs. Legendary Card Pack II allows a selection between original ‘Legendary’ packs or new ‘Abyss Legendary’ packs, which include Demon Legion Commander cards. The new cards can be obtained from in-game activities and the in-game store.
  • Updated the daily log-in reward track.
  • The Text-to-speech setting is now automatically enabled when using the Game Entry Narration accessibility feature.
  • Increased the daily “Add Item” restrictions for Market/Auction House from 20 to 40 items.
  • Player Report feature has been integrated to the Guest Book list. To report, go to the ‘Writing Status’ list in the Guest Book, and right click the character name to report.

Store Updates

The card packs in the in-game store have been updated to include the Abyss Legendary card packs. Bask in the Arkesian sun (or slay demons) in the new summertime swimsuit cosmetic collection. New cosmetics are now available, including swimwear, the Windsurfer Mount, and Frog pets!

Arkpass Season 3 will launch in a week on June 21. Stay tuned for more details and a showcase of the cosmetics leading up to the weekly update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate Fusion Material Chests without recipe information to appear in the Codex.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “UTC” label to not be shown for the suspension messaging expiration date.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Xenon/Mercury Nightrider Sword hilt for the Deathblade to not change colors when dyed.

That’s the end of today’s patch notes for Lost Ark’s Elgacia update released today, June 13. If you want to read more about them, check out the official Lost Ark Elgacia Release Notes page!

Lost Ark is available to play on PC through Steam. To learn more, check out how to claim Twitch Drops for Lost Ark, or click the game’s tag below to explore our entire content library!

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