Is There Anything in the Ocean in Minecraft Legends? – Answered

Does Moby Dick await you in Minecraft Legends?

When exploring the bright and colorful world of Minecraft Legends, you may find yourself wanting to take a dip in the ocean blue. Maybe there are treasures beyond your wildest dreams hiding in the seemingly unending pools of blue before you, or maybe there is just nothing there after all. If you find yourself curious, much like us, you may be wondering if there is anything special awaiting you in the ocean surrounding the lands in Minecraft Legends or if they are just there to look gorgeous in 4K. Let’s dive in, pun fully intended, and find out if there is anything of note in these salty seas.

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Are There Any Creatures or Treasures in The Ocean in Minecraft Legends?

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While the lands may be rich with resources and combat opportunities, it seems that the oceans are meant for nothing more than just some extra boundaries with some friendly creatures in tow. No massive enemies are waiting underneath these waves, but it could lead to some excellent DLC in the future.

Maybe the Piglins have finally found the lost city of Atlantis, and you need to help save them? Who knows what awaits us in the future? It’s even hinted on the map screen that it may have an alternate purpose that just isn’t ready to be showcased yet.

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For the time being, however, you’ll find that the oceans are little more than gorgeous backdrops in an already beautiful game. If you’re feeling like being adventurous after taking down a mob of Piglins, you can always jump into the scenic waters for a quick dip to clean yourself up, but that’s only if you’re going for the full role-playing feel. Otherwise, the oceans are just here to add some atmosphere and some mysteries for us to solve.

If you’re hoping to find more information about Minecraft Legends, make sure to check out our section below. No matter if you’re searching for coal or other materials, or just want to find out how long the campaign is, we’ve got you covered on all things Minecraft Legends.

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