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Is the Performance of Fire Emblem Engage on the Nintendo Switch Good? – Answered

Will it engage your Switch properly or turn it into a Nokia N-Gage?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How is Fire Emblem Engage Performance on Nintendo Switch – Answered

We are eagerly awaiting Engage, the upcoming Fire Emblem mainline series sequel. The new tactical JRPG from Intelligent Systems is coming only to the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023, and many fans are wondering how this Nintendo-exclusive release will fare on the Switch – especially after the not-so-great state in which Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was released in December. So, let’s find out if the performance of Fire Emblem Engage on the Nintendo Switch is good.

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How is Fire Emblem Engage Performance on Nintendo Switch?

Although we are still a few days away from the release date, many tech websites that deal with game performance analysis, such as Digital Foundry, for example, published their previews some time ago. From all the previews, cutscenes, and early gameplay videos, it’s clear that Engage has a very nice anime-like aesthetic, which is getting better and better in recent Switch games. On the other hand, the previous installment of the main Fire Emblem series – Three Houses, had mediocre visuals and numerous technical issues, so according to Digital Foundry’s analysis Engage seems like a big improvement over its predecessor in terms of both design and performance.

Resolution of Fire Emblem Engage on Nintendo Switch

The art style in Engage is definitely more pleasing to the eye than Three Houses, but what about the technical features? First of all, the resolution? The previous game didn’t have any anti-aliasing, so the edges were quite rough. Engage in docked mode targets 1080p, but it runs most often in the dynamic resolution that is around 972p – with anti-aliasing turned on, which makes the image sharper. However, the game looks best in portable mode, where any visual imperfections are less noticeable, although in this mode the game runs a shade below 720p resolution. Overall – the resolution is OK for a Switch game, and the image quality is also quite good.

The frame rate of Fire Emblem Engage on Nintendo Switch

In order for the graphics and resolution to be better, there had to be some compromises, and as is often the case on the Switch, they were made by sacrificing the frame rate – so don’t expect silky smooth 60fps. However, Three Houses also aimed for only 30fps, and often failed to achieve that goal, while Engage, according to Digital Foundry’s analysis, reaches the 30fps limit much more easily, which is not such a problem in this turn-based game.

Overall, Fire Emblem Engage is not a tech miracle by any means, but it is definitely a big step forward for the series even in the performance department, because it manages to look and work better than its predecessor, showcasing that with a little more effort in optimizing the game, they can still function quite correctly on the current Switch hardware. Now we just have to wait a few days!

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