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Everything Included in Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition

An edition coming directly from the heavens

by Patrick Souza
Fire Emblem Engage Main Character

Every new big game is bound to be released with a Special Edition that contains some neat preordering bonus, and Fire Emblem Engage also falls in this category with its Divine Edition. The new entry to the series will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch and also has an upgraded, more expansive version that comes with some extra perks.

Just like I described earlier, it contains some exclusive collectibles that are exclusive to it, so you might consider paying extra for those if they are to your liking. Here’s everything that’s included in it.

Everything Included in Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition

Those editions are usually limited and may be out of stock faster than you could imagine, so grab them as quickly as you can. The Divine Edition includes:

  • The Fire Emblem Engage base game
  • An exclusive Steelbook for the game
  • Special Art Cards featuring characters from Engage
  • An Art Book filled with character design concepts
  • A poster with official art

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That’s usual stuff for a special edition. I guess we can really call it divine for those die-hard fans, and it’s actually fairly priced too. The Standard Edition containing only the game costs $60 while you can find the Divine Edition for $100. Considering that it comes with many items that will likely go way up in value in a couple of years, that seems like a good offer for me. The game will be released on January 20th, so preorder your copy while you can.

Fire Emblem Engage is the fourth series’ title for the Nintendo Switch, and unlike the last entry Warriors, this is actually a classical-styled Fire Emblem game with tactical turn-based combat that features new characters alongside some returning ones from other titles that are summoned by the game’s protagonist. It also introduces a co-op mode, in which players can pair with each other to triumph in battle. 

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