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Is the Destiny 2 Companion App Down? – Here’s How to Check

Problems with the Destiny 2 app? Unheard of!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Is the Destiny 2 Companion App Down - Here's How to Check

Every time Destiny 2 receives a major update, or a major event takes place in the game, it is usually preceded by a maintenance period that can affect both the operation of the server and the function of the very useful companion app. Certainly, in order to be sure what is at stake when your app does not work, there are a couple of ways to check for yourself what could be the reason. See below for the few steps that you can take to find out if the Destiny 2 compaction app is down?

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Is the Destiny 2 Companion App Down? – Here’s How to Check

The main reason why the Destiny 2 Comparison app or the Destiny Item Manager can be down is most often scheduled maintenance, and to check if this is really the cause, always see Bungie’s Destiny Server and Update Status page first. On that website, you will see if any maintenance is in progress, as well as if it is planned and when.

If that’s not the reason, the next step is to visit @BungieHelp on Twitter, where you’ll quickly see if there’s any information about a Bungie-related bug or issue and if other players have also reported something.

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And if you don’t find anything here, you might be the first person to experience that issue, or more likely – the problem might be on your side, so restart your mobile device, check your connection, etc. Good luck!

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