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What Does Temporary Clearance Granted Buff Do in Destiny 2? – Answered

One step closer to Poo-chi

by Daphne Fama

It’s another week in Destiny and you know what means. We’re edging closer to what will likely be the brutal and grim conclusion of Rasputin’s main questline. A side-effect of this progression is that we’re unlocking the Exo Frame upgrades, and this week Clovis was kind enough to grant us the choice of one of three options for Infiltrator Gear.

Infiltrator Gear serves one purpose: to allow us access into the hidden corridors and rooms of the Seraph Station. There’s no shortage of insta-kill laser wires and locked doors on this station, and if you want to unlock the triumphs, you’ll need to get past all of them.

If you were wise enough (or lucky enough) to choose the Infiltrator Gear that allows you access through the doors of Seraph’s Station, it’s possible that you’ve cheesed your way past the laser wires using Icarus Dash, Teleport, or some sword shenanigans. Now, you’ll find yourself in a room with a locked door. Interact with the control panel (“access console”) and you’ll gain the Temporary Clearance Granted buff. But what does this buff do?

What Does Temporary Clearance Granted Buff Do in Destiny 2? – Answered

This buff lasts for 45 seconds and, you guessed it, it’s part of the puzzle for how to unlock the security door in the room. With this buff, you’ll temporarily be allowed to shoot a variety of panels around the room, including a panel out in the hall you entered from.

If you’ve played the Spire of the Watcher, these diamond-shaped panels might look familiar, if not a little more rudimentary. By hitting all panels within the allotted time frame of the buff, you’ll clear the puzzle, and the door will automatically open. This will grant you access to another room. Your prize? A floating yellow ball. Nice. But remember the location for later, as we’ll need to collect a bunch of these.

The rest of Operation: Seraph’s Shield will become accessible as time passes (in two weeks, as we’ll get a new piece of infiltrator gear every Tuesday reset), but as it stands, you’ll need to cheese your way through the rest of the station if you want to make your way to the coveted mechanical dog.

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