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Destiny 2: Which Infiltration Gear Should you Get? – Answered

Surely these are gifts with strings attached. Clovis would never do that.

by Daphne Fama

It’s another week in Destiny and you know what means. We’re a little reaching what will probably be the brutal and grim conclusion of Rasputin’s main questline. A side-effect of this progression is that we’re slowly unlocking the Exo Frame, and Clovis was kind enough to grant us the choice of one of three options for Infiltrator Gear.

Each week you’ll only be able to select one and the one you choose should be the one that best serves your ambition for the week ahead. Here’s what each one does and which you should choose for this week.

Destiny 2: Which Infiltration Gear Should you Get? – Answered

After speaking to the Exo Frame, Clovis will grant you the choice of one of three Infiltrator Gears. They are:

  • Tactical Armor – Allows the bypassing of traps and reduces damage taken from traps and laser barriers in Heist Battlegrounds and the mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield.”
  • Security Clearance – Allows interaction with terminals to open locked doors in Heist Battlegrounds and in the mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield.” Can be used to gain an additional PDT Refraction Core outside submind vaults.
  • Extreme Ordinance – Allows the spawning of a power-up that refreshes all abilities and grants a damage bonus against Deathtongue Choristers in Heist Battlegrounds and Sentinel Servitors in the mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield.”

It’s important to note that choosing one won’t lock you out of another choice in the future. We’ll obtain all three by visiting the Exo Frame next Tuesday and the Tuesday after that. And it will take all three to truly unlock everything both Heists and Operation: Seraph’s Shield has to offer.

So, which should you pick for this week?

Tactical Armor and Security Clearance are both Infiltrator Gears that specialize in helping you access the otherwise inaccessible areas in Operation: Seraph’s Shield. There is no shortage of locked doors and insta-kill lasers on Seraph Station, and you’ll need both if you want to 1) get the mechanical dog and 2) access all the currently inaccessible hidden chests.

You’ll need both to get through the Station legitimately. But if you feel confident in your ability to lay down a thick slice of cheese, choose Security Clearance. You can cheese your way through the wires using a sword, Icarus Dash, or Teleport. But you can’t get through the doors unless you have the Security Clearance Infiltrator Gear.

Pick either of these options if your goal is to access as much of the hidden areas of Seraph Station as soon as possible.

But if you don’t really care about combing over all the secret unlocks in the new exotic quest mission, choose Extreme Ordinance. The main story line will consistently have you playing the Heists Battleground, whether you want to or not, and the ability to defeat Deathtongues a little faster is excellent.

If you’re also determined to get the Catalyst for Revision Zero, the Exotic Pulse rifle associated with Operation: Seraph’s Shield, you’ll need to be the exotic mission on Legend. This Infiltrator Gear will make taking down the Sentinel Servitors much easier, though they’ll still be a pain.

Ultimately, it’s down to personal preference. Have fun and never stop shooting.

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