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How to Fix Error Code Centipede in Destiny 2

Another week another error code

by Daphne Fama

Babe, wake up, it’s time for your weekly Destiny Error Code.

Yep, it’s Tuesday and time for reset, and you know what that means. There’s a pretty good chance you’re going to get booted from the server. I had the grave misfortune of encountering not one, but two error codes today: centipede and weasel. If you’re in the same sad boat, you likely want to get out of black screen hell and head right back to the Exo Frame and Heists.

Here’s how to do just that.

How to Fix Error Code Centipede in Destiny 2

So, Centipede is a general networking error code that triggers when you lose connection to the Destiny servers. You likely figured that by the warning bar on the bottom of your screen that said Contact Destiny Servers right before you got kicked back into the menu.

If you can’t get back in, Bungie suggests that if you’re using Wi-Fi, switch to a wired connection. If your NAT is Strict or Type 3, switch your NAT in settings to Open or Type 1.

But Bungie has also noted that if you get booted from the Destiny servers, it’s likely you’re not the only one. Instead, it affects geographic clusters in different places at different times. So, if you’re in the UK and getting dropped, it’s likely your bro in your Yorkshire is, too.

If Bungie’s instructions aren’t working, the best possible thing you can do is reload and play activities you don’t mind getting dropped from for the next half hour. If a half hour passes and you don’t get dropped, you’re likely fine. But if you can’t even access the menu to load up into orbit, it’s better to come back later. Reset is always a hard time on Destiny’s servers.

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