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Is SMITE Year 10 Pass Worth it? Answered

Season Passes, Season Passes everywhere...

by Nikola L

SMITE is celebrating its 10th birthday, and oh boy, was that a celebration. The SMITE World Championship was a blast, with many exciting matches. Year 10 brings us a new Conquest map and some new items. While some old items got removed, there’s also Surtr, Fire Giant, who has been promoted to a God and is currently broken as hell.

With this celebration, Hi-Rez has announced the SMITE Year 10 Pass, with a price tag of $40. That’s as expensive as some video games, and players are wondering if it’s worth buying. We’re diving deep inside the SMITE Year 10 Pass, where we’ll break down everything it offers so that you can better gauge if this Season Pass is for you or not.

What is Inside SMITE Year 10 Pass and What Do You Get?

There are a variety of benefits that you get if you buy the SMITE Year 10 Pass. Depending on what platform you are playing on, you can purchase it on one of these stores:

Year 10 Pass for SMITE contains:

All of the following content for each God (along with the God) as they are released in 2023:

  • Voice Pack (250 Gems each)
  • Unlimited Ascended Skin
  • Additional Tier 1 Skin (usually costs 9500 Favor or 100 Gems)
  • Emotes (Wave and Clap) (can be bought with Favor)

Plus, you will get three cosmetics you can only get in the Year 10 Pass: the Calamity Cat Sol Skin, Calamity Cat Loading Screen, and the Miraculous Title.

As a special bonus, you’ll receive 1000 Gems to spend on in-game cosmetics, Battle Passes, and more – the choice is yours!

(If you don’t own the God Pack, you’ll also unlock all new Year 10 Gods). 1000 Gems is worth about $16-17 in the Store with the usual price.

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When we look at the pattern of new God releases, you should get five or six voice packs. When we add up all the perceived value they are giving you in this season pass bundle, on paper, it’s worth it compared to the price of gems, but there is a “but” behind this.

Should I Buy the SMITE Year 10 Pass?

If you do not have the God Pack yet, instead invest in that first (they called it, “the best deal in gaming” and they are not far from the truth given how much time you would need to grind the Favor for all these Gods they keep releasing. We are lucky that they didn’t remove the God Pack after Beta), and then figure out if you want to stick around in the game for longer. As far as I am concerned, I was a collector in the first few years of SMITE and had a lot of rare stuff that was worth some money on the secondary market. In the end, when I added up how much I spent on SMITE in 3 years, I felt I spent too much and had better options to use my disposable income. These are just visual skins and voice packs that look pretty, sound funny, and all that jazz, but you honestly do not need these to have fun in SMITE alone or with your friends.

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On the other hand, I was a collector of a lot of virtual and physical stuff, so I understand the mentality and passion behind those hobbies. If you feel you have enough disposable income and want to support Hi-Rez Studios in what they do, by all means, do so, the choice is entirely up to you. SMITE is not Pay-to-Win, except for those few skins that have spell effects that are difficult to see on some maps (why can’t we disable all skins on our side?) Make sure to spend your resources (time and money) in moderation.

And be advised, selling your account when you get bored of the game is, first of all, against the ToS and can lead to a permanent ban, and secondly, the secondary market for them is very weak, and you probably won’t get your invested money out.

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