Is Payday 3 DLC Cross-Compatable? – Answered

Can you transfer your DLC purchases?

Payday 3

If you’re anything like me, you like to have options on where you play your games. No matter if I’m jumping into something like Final Fantasy XIV on my PlayStation or PC, being able to choose where I play is important. However, a lot of games won’t let you bring your expansions and DLC over to a new platform if you start playing, so you may be wondering if you start your Payday 3 career on PC with the Gold Edition if you can bring these heists to a new platform in the future. Let’s strap on our masks and dive in to find out if this is something we can accomplish or if our efforts are in vain.

Can You Play Payday 3 DLC On Any Platform?

Much like many other games available, Payday 3 DLC is non-transferable. This means if you purchased the Gold Edition on PC, you will not be able to access those heists on another platform. However, with the developers hinting that may be coming in the future, we still may be able to jump into these heists with friends who own the DLC.

Since Payday 3 is still relatively new to the scene, we’ll just need to wait and see what these DLC heists have in store for us and if they may be worth double-dipping for. As it stands, make sure you find your preferred platform and get ready to partake in some epic robbing action with your pals.

No matter if you’re trying to find out if the servers are up and operational, or just want to get to know the cast of Payday 3 a little more, be sure to check out our Payday 3 section below to get your hands on countless guides and walkthrough to make your journey the most exciting it can be.

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