Does Buying Payday 3 Gold Edition Guarantee You a Spot on the Servers? – Rumor Explained

No, the developers didn't pull the ultimate heist on your wallet.

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The Payday community is going wild at the moment, and it isn’t because of the excitement of the newest entry in the franchise. As you likely have noticed, Payday 3 server capacity has been less than ideal at the moment, with plenty of gamers trying to jump into the newest version of the game. No matter if you’re playing solo or playing with a squad, you’ll need to always be online, which is a fair bit of a hassle at this point, but some discussions in Discord are spreading that Gold Edition players are receiving special treatment. Let’s find out if this is true.

Can You Play Payday 3 When You’ve Purchased The Gold Edition If Servers Are Down?

While invitations to the Discord may be paused for the time being, there is enough information being passed around through office chats to see what is going on. As it stands, there is currently a bot presenting misinformation that Gold Edition purchases can guarantee a spot on the server, allowing you to play even when the servers are under stress.

Screenshot by Prima Games (Expletives blanked out)

I can confirm that no matter if you’ve purchased the most expensive version of Payday 3 or you’re trying to log in through Game Pass, you’re not going to be able to play. I currently have a copy of Payday 3 Gold Edition in my Steam Library, and I have not personally been able to play online, or even solo for that matter. A fault of the always online system means that you cannot access it if the servers are under stress, but some players may be lucky enough to eek through the cracks.

While Payday 3 may be all about the money, it does not matter which version you own. If the game is down for players, it’s down for all players, regardless of the version you purchased. While it’s sad to see this type of misinformation presented, it’s surprisingly unexpected in today’s day and age. While you’re waiting to get back into the game, be sure to check out our Payday 3 section below to get all of the information you need about this killer game, alongside some tips to make you the Stealth God you deserve to be.

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