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A heist needs teamwork to pull it off in style, but sometimes, you may want to be a Lone Wolf. Jumping into the world of Payday on your own can sound like a daunting task, but you may be wondering if it’s something you can even do in the newest installment in the franchise. Let’s strap on our favorite masks and find out if we can truly dive into this world on our lonesome or if a squad of four is needed at all times.

How To Play Payday 3 Solo

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When signing up for duty, you’ll want to ensure you’ve checked over everything on your screen before you hit Matchmake. To ensure that you’re playing on your own, you’ll want to change the Lobby Type to Invite Only, and as long as you don’t invite any other players, you’ll spawn into the world on your own. However, there is a little bit of a catch, but we promise it isn’t too bad.

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When you jump into an Invite Only lobby, you’ll find that you aren’t truly on your own. You’ll still have a squad of 3 extra helpers, even if bots control them. Thankfully, they’re pretty smart. They notice when you’re running low on ammo and health and will happily drop some extra packs to give you a boost in combat and help you out in some sticky situations.

Should You Give Payday 3 Solo A Try?

When it comes to actions such as picking up loot or keeping in the vicinity of the truck in mission 2, the game doesn’t allow Bots to help you with those actions. So, in a way, you’ll still be the head leader regarding this particular brand of heisting. It would be great if bots could help handle the workload, but it seems that AI really isn’t the future here.

However, there is currently no option to jump into a mission truly on your lonesome. No matter what, you’ll always have a squad there to help you out, which is honestly great. The missions in Payday 3 all require cooperation, and it doesn’t seem that there would be a solid way to get through a mission purely on your own at this point.

Overall, it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you’re a fan of the high-octane action and the thrill of the heist. While some annoyances, such as Bots not being able to help you out with your objectives beyond mowing down enemies, keep it from being the best way to experience the game, they’re active and alert enough to keep you from meeting an untimely end.

No matter if you’re a master heister or this is your first time experiencing the world of Payday, we’ve got you covered with our extensive Payday 3 section below. Be sure to find out why the developer removed Denuvo before launch, and learn more about how to become a stealth God in this exciting multiplayer game with our help.

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