Denuvo DRM Removed from Payday 3 After Backlash

Payday 3 will not have the controversial DRM during its launch on PC

Payday 3

Payday 3 is still a few days away, and yet the developers are still making changes based on fan feedback. The latest of the changes is the removal of the controversial DRM Denuvo. This removal is done to address concerns related to the game’s performance. Now that the game will not have the controversial DRM, players can expect a better performance.

The announcement of the removal of Denuvo was made on the official Payday 3 Twitter account. Starbreeze Studios addressed concerns regarding the controversial DRM with a simple blanket statement that says that “Denuvo is no longer in Payday 3.”

Of course, it’s almost needless to talk about why the DRM is controversial in the gaming community. Denuvo is widely known for causing performance issues in various titles that have been released on PC. Some of the most prominent video game releases have had their controversial performance issues chalked up to Denuvo being active.

Starbreeze takes the player’s feedback to heart, considering what happened with the game’s Beta. Now that Denuvo has been removed, Payday 3’s PC players should feel more comfortable playing the game without having many hindrances to its performance.

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