All Characters In Payday 3 – Listed

Who is going to grace our screens in Payday 3?

Screenshot of a bank heist in Payday 3.
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Getting to know your team before jumping into the heist of your life is rather important, and thankfully, Payday 3 has some of the most iconic faces in the game. No matter if you’ve been playing since the original game, or this is your first time in the Payday universe, there are plenty of wonderful characters that you’ll get the chance to know and love. Did anybody get cut from the previous games, or are they all here for the current-generation debut?

All Characters & Voice Actors In Payday 3

Below, you’ll find a list of all the currently available characters in Payday 3, alongside their in-game bios and voice actors.


Dallas is a hard, no-nonsense type of guy, but he always takes care of his own. A cunning and daring criminal always focused on the objective. He rarely loses his cool and is often the man with the plan in a pinch.


Wolf is a contradiction. A messed-up psychopath and dependable partner in crime, all wrapped up into one crazy package. He doesn’t do regrets and rarely shows fear. Obviously unhinged by still ruthless and efficient in his methods.


Hoxton is the foul-mouthed Englishman with an attitude. A thug with a brilliant mind that matches his brutal deeds with even harsher language. He doesn’t mince words, is loyal to his friends, and always brings his A-game to any heist.


To Chains, being in a firefight is business as usual. With nerves of steel and a flippant attitude to violent crime, it takes more than a few stray bullets for him to lose his cool. Confident and fast-talking, he’s a true professional, and a force of nature.


Pearl is an expert con artist and infiltrator. She leaves nothing to chance, and it’s a rare occasion when things don’t go her way. But if the situation calls for it, she’s no stranger to firearms. Make no mistake; she’s a vicious fighter.


Genius hacker and security expert. Merciless heister. Joy is a dangerous combination of both. She has a complete lack of respect for authority and a twisted sense of humor. But in a heist, she’s all aces.

With the addition of Pearl, it looks like the old gang is back in action once more. As you work your way through the story mode, you’ll find out what brought them all back into the action once more. It seems like their final heist wasn’t so final after all.

Now that you know who you’re looking to play be sure to check out our Payday 3 section below to get your hands on countless guides and tips to get yourself ready to become the stealth master you’re meant to be. While the game is a blast with friends, be sure you know how to play solo in case your buddies aren’t around to jump in for a heist.

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