How to Play Solo in Payday 3

Don't have any friends? That's okay, you can still rob banks!

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While Payday 3 was designed from the ground up as a cooperative game, it’s entirely possible to play solo if you can’t find a party to join. Or, perhaps, you don’t want to play with other people. That’s okay, too. Either way, continue reading to learn how to play solo in Payday 3.

How to Start a Heist Solo in Payday 3

If you’d prefer to play Payday 3 solo, it’s possible by creating a private lobby from the main menu. To do so, simply navigate to the heist selection screen, then create a lobby as either public or private. You’ll want to choose ‘Invite Only.’ In doing so, you’ll lock other players from joining your game unless you so choose to invite someone directly, and your team will be made up of AI.

Once you’re done setting up your private game, you can alter a few other settings, like the difficulty and map, and then join and play!

Thankfully, the AI will not interfere until the situation goes wrong. As such, you can attempt to solo any heist in the game, and they’ll only follow and help once they’re genuinely needed.

Tips for Playing Payday 3 Solo

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Should you choose to play Payday 3 alone, here are a few tips to ensure you don’t succumb to loneliness or police custody.

  • The game is quite a bit more difficult playing solo, so take your time and don’t rush every objective. You can always fall back to cover and allow your AI to take some of the fire.
  • You can force AI to carry loot bags for you by tossing one at them. It will automatically equip on their back and remain there until you grab it.
  • Don’t fret going down, as the bots will race to your position and quickly pick you up.
  • Unlike Payday 2, Payday 3 is always online, and, unfortunately, that means you cannot pause the game and take a break while playing solo.

Payday 3 is an exceptional cooperative game, but sometimes you just want to heist alone. Give it a go sometime! If you find yourself low on funds, check out our guide on how to farm money fast in Payday 3.

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