How to Farm Money Fast in Payday 3

Time to get your payday.

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Payday 3 is a game about casing various joints, getting in there, and getting out with some sweet cash. Whether you do so quietly or guns blazing is up to you, but you’ll secure more than enough cash. If you want to make as much money as quickly as possible, there’s one great way. Here’s how to farm money fast in Payday 3.

How to Get a Lot of Money Quickly in Payday 3

If you want to get money as quickly as possible in Payday 3, then you’ll want to run the heist Road Rage on as high of a difficulty as you and your squad can handle. The mission is a loud-only heist with you looting a GenSec truck for the valuable loot inside. It’s easily one of the fastest heists to complete in the game, clocking in at about 10 minutes once the process is nailed down. It’s also one of the highest paying jobs, paying out $200,000-500,000 on Normal while being much faster than something higher paying like Under the Surphaze.

Payday 3 Road Rage Heist
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Payday 3 Vehicle Walkway
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While the heist is fast on its own, there are a few ways you can speed up the process. There are a few things that you have to do while moving the truck into position later than can actually be done preemptively. There’s the forklift you can move early on, along with four-wheel ramps you can find around the level that can be set up while you wait for the truck to drive into the trap.

Alongside this, a Favor can be applied before starting the match that switches the loot drop point from Bile’s helicopter to a pre-established loot chute. This will heavily reduce time when trying to get the loot out later.

How Much Money Can You Make With This Method?

I did some testing before writing this article, and in around 10 minutes, you can make around $500,000-700,000 depending on the skill of your crew. Stretch that out, and you’ll be making anywhere from $3,000,000-4,200,000 every hour. Considering the prices of weapons, attachments, and C-Stacks, that’s not too shabby.

If you want help to make money elsewhere, check out our Payday 3 Dirty Ice stealth guide.

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