Does Payday 3 Have A Campaign? – Answered

Can you expect a thrilling tale of Heisting here?

Robbing banks and getting lots of cash is always fun, but you sometimes want a narrative to drive you forward. While Payday 2 was a blast, the slightly disjointed narrative led plenty of folks to want a fully fleshed-out Story Mode in this newest chapter of the Payday franchise. Does Payday 3 deliver, or will you find yourself in need of a bit of assistance to get through this one?

Does Payday 3 Have A Story Mode?

Featuring cutscenes that offer more flesh to the story, all full voice acted, and full of personality, Payday 3 does feature a fully featured Story Mode within its Heists section. You’ll need to play through various stages to get cash and learn about what happens to the Payday crew while playing through it. If you’re wondering how many missions you can expect, you can find them all below:

  • No Rest For The Wicked
  • Road Rage
  • Dirty Ice
  • Rock the Cradle
  • Under the Surphaze
  • Gold & Sharke
  • 99 Boxes
  • Touch The Sky
Payday 3 Story Mode options
Screenshot by Prima Games

You’ll be treated to a voice-acted splash page that introduces you to the Heist you are about to partake in, alongside the risks and rewards you’ll face along the way. While jumping into in Payday 2 offered a fair bit of variety to help us push through and score bigger steals, the Story on offer here is surprisingly deep and helps bring these characters to life more than ever before.

From humble beginnings, the Payday franchise has grown bigger than I could have ever expected. No matter if you’re hoping to Stealth your way through missions or just need help farming for some extra cash, we’ve got you covered in our Payday 3 section below. Get ready to get crafty and find out what happens to the crew in this thrilling new installment.

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