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A net? Of crime???

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Payday 3 brings forward many key features from the previous Payday installments. These include the wide assortment of weapons and gear pieces, the expansive skill tree accommodating most playstyles, and the silliness of the AI. One feature that’s seen a strange omittance was well-loved by many in the second game. Here’s whether Payday 3 is getting

Will Payday 3 Get in the Future?

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Unfortunately, Starbreeze Studios has said nothing about whether Payday 3 will get a feature. That’s not to say that it won’t ever come or isn’t planned, but the complete lack of words on the topic isn’t the most promising. Given that the team doesn’t seem opposed to adding features the community wants though, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s added down the line, given enough people talking about it.

What is

Payday 2
Image via Starbreeze Studios is a server browser currently present in Payday 2. It serves as the main way of finding Payday matches with other players, as it lets you choose different jobs with their difficulties and job names displayed immediately. While it is possible to search for a specific heist in the game, having that option lets you choose something on the fly when you’re unsure of how to proceed.

I used a lot in my time with Payday 2 since not many of my friends play it, and it makes finding jobs much easier. While there were select times when I was feeling a particular heist, having that freedom was pleasing. It’s also less visually unpleasant than a regular server browser with a list of available games. With all this said, I still mostly played the fun heists like Beneath the Mountain and Birth of Sky.

If you’re looking for more details on different aspects of the game, check out our guide on whether Payday 3 has crossplay.

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