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Is Marvel Snap Animals Assemble April Season Pass Worth it? – Answered

Is this Cuteness Overload just a bait or...?

We’re not gonna lie, this is cute as hell. Cosmo looks like the most bestest boy ever (I do not know how else to exaggerate it other than using wrong grammar like this) and Goose is a cute kitty-cat despite being known as a monster that can devour you. Let’s see what’s in this paid season pass for Marvel Snap and if April’s Season Pass Animals Assemble is worth it or not.

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What Do You Get in the April Season Pass for Marvel Snap?

First of all, you get the Hit Monkey base card. Buying this Season Pass gives you the opportunity to play Hit Monkey about a month before free-to-play users. And that’s optimistic because after this Season Pass, Hit Monkey moves to Series 5 and a lot of players won’t see Hit Monkey for months. This can be used to your advantage if you intend to play a Hit Monkey deck, because players you fight will question whether you have the Season Pass or not. Kind of a temporary pay-to-win thing.

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However, the surprise element won’t be with you, because people have already refined the Hit Monkey decks for the most part, and you’ll basically “signal” that you’re playing it, especially if you play variants, titles, and avatars from the Season Pass, so you might be open for counters.

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Honestly, if you are considering buying the Season Pass only because of the Hit Monkey card, you might opt not to do that. Hit Monkey is not an all-purpose card like Zabu, for example. And Hit Monkey seems fairly balanced, and you can play around its existence in the meta, so we can say that for now, Second Dinner has learned their lesson about the balancing of Season Pass cards. MODOK was not a Tier 1 deck, Nimrod variants were Tier 2 mostly… If you are asking me, I’m not buying it. Skip a few season passes and you get yourself a AAA game, basically. And this card will come to my collection at some point via Collector’s Chests or Token Shop. I’ll be patient. But.


But these things are so cute! See below what you are getting if you become a paid user! I agree that not everyone cares about cosmetics, but I think this Season Pass will sell like crazy. Check it out, there are:

  • 4 Avatars (Goose, Cosmo, 2x Hit Monkey)
  • 3 Variants of Cards (Cosmo, Hit Monkey, Goose)
  • 2 Card Backs (Sick looking Goose and a lovely drawing of Cosmo)
  • 1 Title (Food Motivated)
  • A random variant on the Premium (Paid) Season Pass track + some currency which otherwise would be locked)
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If you’re into cute stuff you’ll probably like this and there’s nothing to stop you from buying it. It’s the FOMO mechanic, after all, that helps Second Dinner float this game alive. Hopefully, our funds will be put to good use and the game will prosper.

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That’s all for this Season Pass review, everyone. Thank you for visiting Prima Games, and make sure to check out the Marvel Snap tag under this article for more Marvel Snap content! See you soon!

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