Best M.O.D.O.K. Decks in Marvel Snap (With Deck Codes)

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A new Season Pass is out for Marvel Snap, and this one is themed around the new Ant-man movie. The new Season Pass card is M.O.D.O.K. (Mental / Mobile / Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing), which has an interesting effect that discards your entire hand (On Reveal). So, this MMMODOK (or M³ODOK) villain can form a decent combo with a couple of cards. which Prima Games writes about in this very article. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Top Decks for MODOK in Marvel Snap (With Deck Code)

We have figured out a couple of decks that should work well with M.O.D.O.K. and we feel that they could be a starting point for your own creation, if you like the ideas from this article and you do not want to make carbon copies of these.

MODOK Marvel Snap Deck 1: Strong Guy MODOK

This deck is based around our good ol’ friend Strong Guy. Strong Guy gets bonus Power when your hand is empty, which is where our other friend MODOK steps in. In essence, this is a mostly straightforward deck to play:

Turn 1 – Turn 3: Build up your board. Polaris is important here, as Polaris can move the opponent’s Invisible Woman (which will be a CRAZY card in this format, but more about that later). Alternatively, you can try playing Rogue to steal the effect and break apart one of the craziest combos this season. Morbius can be put in this deck as well, but that perhaps might slow down your hand emptying in case MODOK decides to not show up by Turn 5. You can always retreat though… Ideally, this is how the remainder of the game goes:

Turn 4: Strong Guy or anything else.

Turn 5: MODOK to discard everything.

Turn 6: Draw America Chavez from the deck and play it, emptying your hand again.

Screenshot by Prima Games (MarvelSnapZone)

MODOK Marvel Snap Deck 2: Hela MODOK

This is known as the 3-card combo of this Season Pass. It’s absolutely one of the dumbest combos in Marvel Snap so far.
Hear me out on this:

First, you play the Invisible Woman on Turn 2. Then, you do… Almost nothing! You can use Lady Sif on turn 3 to discard your highest-cost cards (do not play if Hela is in your hand unless Death is there to take the hit since she will probably cost more than 6 at that point), and you can use Hell Cow as additional discard fodder if MODOK and Hela are not in your hand (don’t risk it, it always botches your combo lol, just put it under Invisible Woman rather.) And then, on Turn 5, you hide MODOK under Invisible Woman to prevent MODOK from triggering the On Reveal effect. On Turn 6, you hide Hela under Invisible Woman.

What happens next? (Ideally)

Well, the turn (game) ends, and Invisible Woman resolves. MODOK is revealed first, discards your entire hand, and after that, Hela reveals and attempts to summon everything that you have discarded with MODOK (and Lady Sif, Hell Cow, if you had enough luck). Ideally, you get a handful of big cards on your board and win!

Screenshot by Prima Games (MarvelSnapZone)

If you do not have a card from here, toss in an Iron Man or any other high-Power beater. Helicarrier is a high-roll card that if discarded on Turn 3 or Turn 4, nails the victory for you almost certainly if your combo pieces are uninterrupted.


MODOK Marvel Snap Deck 3: The MODOK Collector

This is a chill and fun variant of the MODOK deck which we’ll go into detail about since it’s more complex to play.

  • Morbius is there to gather those precious boosts from every discard you perform
  • The Collector is there to gather those precious boosts from Swarm and Helicarrier
  • Swarm is there to be infinitely cycled and to fill out the holes on the board on the last turn (try to not Swarm too much or your hand will clog and then you can’t draw new cards etc.)
  • Colleen Wing is there to pitch Swarm for more value
  • Nakia is there to pump the value of the cards in your hand and if you ask me, this is the only card I would perhaps not include, and replace with Enchantress or Rogue to wreck Zabu / Invisible Woman / Ultron / Mystique decks
  • Lady Sif should, realistically, try to hit Apocalypse or Helicarrier
  • Dracula is there to discard the biggest Apocalypse the world has ever seen
  • Wong is there to duplicate MODOK and help The Collector get even more Power
  • MODOK is there to dump your entire hand (and the Apocalypse)
  • Apocalypse is there to be best friends with Dracula
  • America Chavez is most probably your turn 6 drop UNLESS you want to send Apocalypse somewhere where there’s no Dracula to throw off your opponent
  • Helicarrier is there to give value to The Collector through Lady Sif or MODOK and to potentially, once in a year, grant you Hela, which will make you flip your PC and yell like a maniac on stream, as you Snap! and wreak judgment of the Ragnarok on your opponent.

There are some crazy people who would put Lockjaw instead of Nakia. Try that and see how high the rolls can go! 🙂


How to Counter M.O.D.O.K. in Marvel Snap

  • Cosmo is your best doggo friend for the task if you can predict where to place it, or if you spot an invisible woman.
  • Rogue and Enchantress cut right through Invisible Woman’s trickery. If Invisible Woman’s not there, Morbius is your target.
  • Professor X locks down Invisible Woman’s Location and prevents the dreaded Hela combo.

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We hope you will like at least one of these decks and wish you great success on the ladder. Check out the rest of our Marvel Snap coverage on the game tag below. See you soon at Prima Games!

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