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New Marvel Snap April Season Pass Card – Hit Monkey – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

Interesting and balanced card!

by Nikola L

Seems the leaks were correct. Hit Monkey is indeed the new Season Pass card for April 2023. It has a pretty neat effect, but as Second Dinner themselves described it, it’s going to be constrained within one, maybe two deck types. However, if you ask me, it’s quite a powerhouse that those two decks needed, so let’s see what’s the hype about this monkey in a suit. Here’s our guide on Hit Monkey in Marvel Snap.

Hit Monkey Marvel Snap Card Effect Showcase

Image via Marvel Snap (Second Dinner)

The effect is fairly simple:

On Reveal: Gain +2 Power for each other card you played this turn.

Basically, if you want to play it on Turn 6, you need to commit 2 Energy to him, and assuming you play 4 other cards that Turn (each of them being 1-Cost), Hit Monkey is going to be a 2/8 card. That’s actually insane. Can we make it better? Sure. That’s why the next paragraph exists in this article.

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Best Decks for Hit Monkey and Best Cards to Play Hit Monkey With in Marvel Snap for Synergy

As Second Dinner hinted, Falcon and Beast, along with Sera and Mysterio are going to be best buds with Hit Monkey. And it’s good to be on his friendly side. Here’s our article related to a Beast Deck:

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Screenshot by Prima Games (from

Basically, you can ditch Agent 13 for Hit Monkey and play like that. Ditching Ka-Zar in favor of Mysterio would be a cool idea too, seeing that playing Mysterio counts as playing three cards. Ant-Man can be traded in for The Hood, and you can ditch Yondu in favor of Bast, which would potentially boost Hit Monkey’s Power way before you play the card. Arguably, some players would introduce America Chavez too, for deck thining.

If you want to play a Kazoo variant of Hit Monkey, get out something like Rocket Racoon out of his list and put the Hit Monkey in. This requires you to slow roll your early turns and save a lot of 1-Cost cards for Turn 6 (due to Hit Monkey and due to the enemy’s Killmonger which you want to resolve before your cards).

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Screenshot by Prima Games (from MarvelSnapZone)

Here’s another idea: Mr. Negative Hit Monkey. A lot of your cards will cost 0 Energy. But it’s unstable as it gets so we won’t post a deck around this idea yet.

How to Counter Hit Monkey in Marvel Snap?

Cosmo. And Sandman.

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That’s all for this card showcase. Make sure to check out our other Marvel Snap content at the Marvel Snap game tag below, there’s a lot more content to explore!

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