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Best Sandman Decks in Marvel Snap – With Deck Code

Some players won't sleep well after you visit them with these Sandman decks.

Sandman Decks are a type of deck in Marvel Snap which are named after the Marvel character Sandman, who in the comic books has the ability to transform his body into sand and control it.

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In Marvel Snap, Sandman Decks are known for their ability to disrupt the opponent’s strategy who have the intent to play multiple cards per turn and give the controlling player an advantage because, well, they intended to play one card per turn anyway. That is, of course, if they draw and put Sandman into play on time.

Which Sandman Deck List is the Best in Marvel Snap? Deck Codes Listed

There are many variants of the Sandman deck which you can try out. Here’s a TLSG variant with our analysis:

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  1. Sunspot – Card’s there as a perfect 1-Drop, to soak up mana that you don’t spend.
  2. Ebony Maw – Forces opponent to battle you at a Location you don’t care about actually.
  3. Armor – Prevents Shang-Chi on you, and nullifies Destroy Decks at their root.
  4. Electro – Core ramp card, gives you additional Energy to speed up your Sandman extraction
  5. Jubilee – Can fetch out a lot of crazy stuff from your deck. Make sure to use a Deck Tracker so that you immediately know what can and cannot happen!
  6. Leech – Leech dodged a nerf, and dropping it early on your opponent may cause them to tilt and retreat.
  7. Sandman – Card we’re building this deck around
  8. Doctor Doom – Assuming you are ramped up with Energy, you can play him early, and then repeat the effect with Odin. So much for “1 card per turn”.
  9. Odin – Repeater for Doctor Doom, Electro, Jubilee, Leech…
  10. America Chavez – Deck thinner. You need the other cards ASAP
  11. She-Hulk – Kind of a backup card if you ask me.
  12. Magneto – Why wouldn’t you want to de-rail your opponent’s board at the end?

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Replacement cards (if you do not like some of the solutions in this deck OR you just don’t have the card(s)):

  • Wave
  • Vision
  • Aero
  • Scorpion
  • Lizard
  • Captain Marvel
  • Lockjaw instead of Ebony Maw (I am not even kidding, you can eject Leech early, or move Electro to your Deck so that you can play multiple cards until he shows up again). Crazy as hell. It’s a high-roll deck but… fun!

Another variant that you can try out is a bit different:

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So, the idea of this deck is to go crazy and work around the Electro/Sandman limitation as much as possible with the help of Wong, Arnim Zola, and Odin. Cloning Black Panther with Arnim Zola raises the Power to 16 for both of them, and if you perhaps, had Wong under Black Panther, and Wong got cloned first, the Power goes even crazier. If you do not have Black Panther, try Devil Dinosaur. You ain’t spending a lot of cards with Sandman on board, realistically.

Arnim Zola also surprises many opponents when you clone Spider-Woman or Doctor Doom. There are many fun turns that you can create when you have more Energy than your opponent.

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That’s it for this deck guide. We hope you’ll annoy the heck out of your opponents, especially in the meta where a lot of players tend to play multiple cards in the late turns.

Make sure to check out our Marvel Snap tag under the article, and the related links in this article for more fun Marvel Snap content. See you around!

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