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How Does Captain Marvel Work in Marvel Snap? Rulings and Mechanics Explained

Can multiple Captain Marvels hold a huddle?

A lot of players of Marvel Snap are confused about how Captain Marvel works and are asking themselves “why didn’t Captain Marvel move to win me this game?”. Captain Marvel’s movement effect at the end of the game is kind of confusing at first, but this is why we’ve decided to publish an article that has Captain Marvel’s Rulings and Mechanics explained. With a bit of explanation, we are sure that the confusion will go away. What do you think about the AI’s interpretation of Captain Marvel in three different styles by the way?

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Why Didn’t My Captain Marvel Move to Win Me The Game in Marvel Snap?

Captain Marvel’s effect is “At the end of the game, move to a location that wins you the game. (If possible)”. Captain Marvel will perform this effect by moving herself from one location to another location. If one of the choices results in the owner of the card winning The game simply calculates the “IFs” of all scenarios and chooses the winning one.

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Here are the rules (rulings) and mechanics of Captain Marvel in Marvel Snap explained:

  1. Your Captain Marvel will stay put if you are already winning the match.
  2. Your Captain Marvel will stay put if you are tied in 1 Location, and currently winning on the other two by having more Power than your opponent (see our Tiebreaker article for explanations).
  3. Your Captain Marvel will stay put if there is a tie on two Locations, and you are ahead on the third because that constitutes a win already.
  4. Your Captain Marvel will actually move if you are down on all Locations. She’ll help you lessen your loss.
  5. Should the movement of Captain Marvel result in a victory for you, your Captain Marvel will perform her ability and move to a location that will net you a win by a greater margin.
  6. Your Captain Marvel is very smart and will be aware of the Locations K’un-Lun (When a card moves here, give it +2 Power) and Fisk Tower (When a card moves here, destroy it), and Kingpin as well! She’s not on a suicide mission.
  7. Your Captain Marvel will, therefore, also calculate for potential buffs and debuffs that will happen on the new Location(s) she wants to move to (take for example Kraven who loves seeing cards coming to his Location, Lizard which can lose Power if the opponent has four cards on the Location, Mojo that loves when the Location is completely full…)
  8. Multiple Captain Marvels do not work as a team. Captain Marvels activate in the order they were revealed, and the game state checks one at a time. Surely, if you would MANUALLY move the Captain Marvels from your Bar Sinister, you would think of a way to win a match, but they won’t work that. If one movement doesn’t bring you the victory, she ain’t moving, chief. (It would be amazing if they coded it like that)
  9. Captain Marvel and every other ”At the end of the game” ability resolve in the same order they were revealed. If for example, you drop Captain Marvel on turn 5 and your opponent drops Dracula later, Captain Marvel will not work again after Dracula drops Infinaut or Apocalypse. The same thing will happen if your opponent has a Captain Marvel, too, which means that it might pay off if you play Captain Marvel last because then she has the last say.
  10. Captain Marvel’s effect is resolved only after At the end of the turn effects on turn six (or seven if Limbo is on). So, Captain Marvel will wait for Sunspot to resolve, or Rickety Bridge (or any other similar effect).
  11. Captain Marvel is in the position to move to Locations that say “Cards cannot be played here”. If the Location is “Cards cannot be added here” then she won’t be able to move.
  12. Captain Marvel is not stronger than Professor X
  13. Captain Marvel will resolve her effect only after the cards hidden by the “until the end of the game” effect of the Location Dark Dimension or the card Invisible Woman are all revealed.
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