Is Harvestella Character Customization Good? – Answered

What will your Ein look like?

Is Harvestella Character Customization Good

Harvestella is finally here! After some hype and a playable demo, we are finally free to experience the life sim, JRPG crossover in all its glory. Harvestella from Square Enix is a Switch and PC title that combines the usual farming sim gameplay of Harvest Moon and similar games with some good ol’ JRPG action and a deep story mode.

Anyhow, players are wondering if the main character’s appearance can be changed – is character customization in Harvestella any good? Here’s what you need to know.

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Is Harvestella Character Customization Good?

Well, you saw the promotional art, you saw the trailers and many gameplay videos… And in all of them, the main character kinda looks the same, right? That is indeed the case, even if there are some very interesting customization options in Harvestella. Let’s check them out, with the big one first:

When creating a new character in Harvestella, you choose your gender. You can be male, female, or non-binary. Whatever option you select, you will be met with the same eight choices; you select between four skin tones from the selection of two different body types, one almost male looking (feet so small and heels included!) and one that is definitely more female looking, but still kinda similar.

After that, you have a choice of 10 predefined different hair colors, nothing wild here either. Then, you select an eye color from a selection of 15 different shades – here you can go a little wild with some crazy color choices, but it’s not like you are going to see much of your character’s eyes during regular gameplay. The final customization option is a voice, with two options: one masculine, one feminine, no non-binary option here, but hey you can make a female-presenting character with a masculine voice and vice versa. In the end, you input a name for your character or go with the default one: Ein.

That is everything you can customize in Harvestella. It seems like there are some decent customization options, but at the end of the day, whatever you create in this editor will end up looking kinda the same. Two body types aren’t that different and the outfit remains the same, as with the haircut; the only real customization comes in the selection of hair/eye color, so you can’t really change the appearance of the main character that much.

Despite the not-so-great customization options, Harvestella is still one hell of a fun game so if you are into JRPGs or farm/life sim games, don’t miss it! It’s out today – November 4 – for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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