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Does Harvestella Have Romance? – Answered

You can stand inside my Harvestella, ella, ella.

by Matt Vatankhah

One of the most important questions players have when diving into a new game is, “Which of these NPCs can I make out with?” Just me? Oh.. okay. In Harvestella, Square Enix’s take on the increasingly popular farming sim genre, you’ll be tending to the everyday needs of your village while the looming threat of Quietus draws near. In between clearing dungeons and planting crops, you’ll be able to interact and form friendships with the various NPCs in the game’s world. But is it all strictly platonic, or could this be love? Read on to learn if Harvestella has romance.

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Does Harvestella Have Romance?

Confirmed by the game’s Japanese Twitter page, Harvestella does include the option to romance characters. Game Director Hiroto Furuya mentions that once requirements are met, players will be able to choose a life partner in Harvestella, regardless of gender.

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While playing through the story, you’ll have the option to foster and raise your Intimacy and Friendship levels with any given NPC. Once maximum Intimacy levels are met, you can then enter into a Partnership with them, but only once you’ve fully completed the main story questline. That’s right – in a rare moment of a game being somewhat self-aware of its story, you can’t actually start smooching on your friends until you’ve, you know, saved the world from impending doom. Priorities, people!

Partnership is essentially Harvestella’s version of marriage and has the chosen NPC live with you while you tend to the needs of your village. How cute! Since the game hasn’t yet released, we’re not entirely sure if every NPC in Harvestella can be romanced or not, but we’ll make sure to update as needed.

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Harvestella releases on November 4, 2022, for Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. For more information on Harvestella, check out our other guides and tips here at Prima Games.