Is ARK Survival of the Fittest on Xbox and PS4 - Answered

Is ARK: Survival of the Fittest on Xbox and PS4? – Answered

Are the console players fit enough?

ARK: The Survival of the Fittest is a standalone spin-off of the popular survival multiplayer game ARK: Survival Evolved. It is a prototype title in which players in the well-known ARK universe face each other in a kind of PVP skirmish for 60 fighters. So its basically like a Battle Royale but with dinosaurs! This standalone title has been around on PC for many years, since 2016, but where is the console version? Let’s find out.

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Is ARK: Survival of the Fittest on Xbox and PS4?

Although it was originally announced for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems back in the day, ARK: The Survival of the Fittest console version was actually silently canceled a long time ago. But there is still hope as this old-school spin-off is coming back from extinction!

Even if the original Survival of the Fittest never found its way to consoles, a completely new reworked version of the game arrived recently as a crossplay prototype on PC, and it will be releasing soon on the Xbox, PlayStation, and possibly even Switch. This new version with many reworked mechanics is available only for the PC since December 23, while versions for consoles, that will also support crossplay, will arrive in early 2023. There is even an announcement trailer for this version – check it out below.

So there you have it, Survival of the Fitters is actually coming to consoles after such a long time, and as a completely new, polished take on the old idea of faster-paced ARK with Battle Royale mechanics.

Impressions from the PC version of the reworked edition are good so far, but how exactly crossplay will work on consoles remains to be seen. What is certain is that in addition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, new generation consoles will also be supported, as well as that the game will most likely come to the Switch probably a little later in 2023.

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