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ARK Update 2.82 Patch Notes: Fjordur Updates and Bug Fixes Listed

Check out the new features and fixes.

by Nikola L

In the past few days, ARK: Survival Evolved received a new major patch and a minor update for a few more fixes. In this article, we’ll round up the official patch notes for ARK: Survival Evolved for PC. PlayStation and Xbox v2.82 patch notes do not differ from what we can see – though the PC version got the additional minor update on July 18 – and PlayStation version is now at v706.1 – (706.1 client) right now, while Xbox is at v950.2 – (950.1 client).

Official Patch Notes for ARK: Survival Evolved (2.82)

Disclaimer: These patch notes are sourced from the official Discord server of the game.

v348.2 (348.3 client)-07/18/2022 – Minor version for clients

  • Fixed a stall relating to Stryder
  • Fixed switching ammo type on TEK bow
  • Fixed accessing map marker UI with a controller

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v348.2 (348.1 client)-07/15/2022 – Major version for servers and clients

  • Fjordur map fixes include auto TP zone, oil vein node fixes, lava damage volume, kill volume, wild spawn fixes, water volume in poison wyvern trench, fixes to trees to allow harvesting, fixed holes
  • Added further wild creature spawns to Asgard biome on Fjordur
  • Decreased alpha dino spawns on Fjordur
  • Increased runestone reward drop rate by 40%.
  • Fixed an exploit
  • Fixed polar bear crash
  • Fixed a bug related to the player character becoming encumbered whilst fast traveling with Fjordhawk
  • Fixed Fjordhawk not returning to the player when leashed
  • Fixed realm teleporting after the boss fight on Fjordur
  • Fixed reloading while mounted with shoulder pet equipped
  • Redistributed element shard/black pearl nodes on Fjordur. This includes a 70% nerf to the number of nodes in the Throat of Flames and redistribution of those to the following areas:

Element Shards added to:

  • Fire Wyvern Trench
  • Molten Caverns
  • Mount Doom Caverns
  • Balheimr

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Black Pearls added to:

  • Poison Wyvern Trench
  • Lightning Wyvern Trench

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