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Injustice 2 – How to Clash, Clash System Tips

by Bryan Dawson

How to Clash in Injustice 2 is a topic of discussion among new players or people who haven’t played a fighting game in awhile. This article covers how to Clash in Injustice 2 so you’re not stuck in a death combo when you could save yourself. It’s not hard to perform a Clash in Injustice 2, but if you don’t know when or how, it can be difficult to figure out. Let’s take a closer look at the Injustice 2 Clash system.

How to Clash

To Clash in Injustice 2, first you need to make sure you meet the requires to perform a Clash. There are two requirements in order to execute a Clash. If you haven’t met both requirements, there’s no way you can initiate a Clash, although your opponent may be able to if they meet the requirements.

Clash Requirements

  • Must be in your second (red) health bar.
  • Must be hit by the opponent, not blocking.

If you’re in the second health bar so you no longer see a grey health bar, and your opponent actually hits you, you can perform a Clash. If you’re still in your first health bar, or you’re blocking an attack, you won’t be able to use a Clash.

Once you’ve confirmed you know when you can Clash, let’s cover how to Clash. Simply hold the Meter Burn button (R2 on PS4, RT on Xbox) and press Forward on the d-pad or analog stick (whichever you use to control your character). As long as you’re holding Meter Burn when you tap Forward, your character will initiate a Clash.

When the Clash begins you need to determine how much super meter you want to wager. You’ll see button inputs over your super meter telling you how much you’ll be wagering. You can wager all of your super meter, 3/4, one half or 1/4 of your super meter depending on how much super meter you have at the time of the Clash. You can’t wager more super meter than you have.

Your opponent will also determine how much super meter they want to wager, then whoever wagers the most wins. The player who initiated the Clash will get health back if they win the wager, while the other player will attack you and inflict damage if you lose.

The amount of health regenerated or damage inflicted is determined by how much that player wagered compared to how much the other player wagered. For example, if you wagered your entire health bar, and the other player only wagered 1/4 of their bar, you will get a lot more health or damage compared to the other player wagering 3/4 of their super meter.

The buttons to wager will appear over your super meter during the clash cutscene. The buttons change depending on what console you’re playing on, but on PS4 from left to right, the buttons are Square for 1/4 meter wager, Triangle for 1/2 meter wager, X for 3/4 meter wager and Circle to wager your entire super meter. You can only wager as much super meter as you have. So if you only have half your meter filled you’ll only be able to wager up to half. You can also press nothing to wager no meter. Whoever wagers the most meter wins the clash.

Wager Amount (PS4 / Xbox)

  • Square / X for 1/4 Meter
  • Triangle / Y for 1/2 Meter
  • X / A for 3/4 Meter
  • Circle / B for Full Meter

When to Clash

Ideally, you want to Clash when you have more super meter than your opponent, and you’re in a combo that’s going to either finish you off, or bring you close enough to be in real danger of losing the match. You should not Clash just because you’re in your second health bar and the opponent hit you. By the time you’re in your second health bar you should know what kind of combos your opponent is using, and how much damage they inflict. If you can take the combo and still have a good amount of health remaining, save your Clash.

It’s important to know when to save your Clash because you’re using super meter if you’re trying to win the Clash. If you bank too much super meter you won’t have any left to perform Meter Burn special moves or other abilities that use the super meter and could help you mount a comeback. However, you can also use a Clash like a Breaker in the Mortal Kombat series. Depending on what combo the opponent is performing, you may want to Clash just to limit the damage. In this situation you wouldn’t wager any super meter (just don’t press a button). You’ll still take some damage, but unless your opponent is willing to bank all of their super meter (and they have a full super meter), the damage will be limited and probably less than you would’ve taken had the combo finished.

There’s no specific formula to determine when and how to use a Clash. If you keep in mind both player’s super meters and health bars, as well as how much damage your opponent’s combos can inflict, this will help you determine when to Clash. Generally speaking you don’t want to wager all of your super meter, but if your health is low and you’re about to lose, having no super meter is better than losing the match.

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