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How to Win a Duel in Red Dead Redemption

by Prima Games Staff

While you’ll take part in a number of shootouts in Red Dead Redemption during Bounty missions and ambushes, the ones that matter the most are Duels. During encounters, you’ll face off against an adversary High Noon style, where either you’ll eat a bullet or they will.

On that note, we have quick tips on how to win duels in Red Dead Redemption.

Watch Your Health in Red Dead Redemption

First off, know your health meters. There’s a blue one and a red one, with one representing your health and the other representing your opponent’s. Whoever runs out first loses, so keep a close eye on your health.

Draw Your Gun in Red Dead Redemption

Next up is the draw. You don’t want to be quick on this, or it won’t work in your favor. Keep an ear open for the “DRAW!” prompt in the midst of the battle, then hit the left trigger button to begin entering Dead Eye mode. This is the part that will be the most crucial in the gunfight. 

Aiming Your Weapon in Red Dead Redemption

Next up… aiming. Point at the enemy’s body parts that you want to hit with the analog stick, then hit the right trigger button to shoot. The key is to watch out for the reticule flash, as it goes between red and white. It’ll get bigger and smaller. Wait for the reticule to get smaller because that provides more accuracy with your shot.

You can go for a kill shot with the head or the heart if you prefer to end a gunfight, but you can also shoot the gun out of the hand of your opponent if you just want to teach them a lesson. The choice is yours. Good luck!

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