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How to Use Portal Tomes in Diablo Immortal

Get ready to fight those bosses.

by Jesse Vitelli

Diablo Immortal is packed with a ton of different endgame activities for players to partake in once they have hit level 60. It’s actually sort of confusing where to even begin. Once you’ve got that sorted you might be wondering about the Portal Tome. Here’s how to use Portal Tomes in Diablo Immortal.

How to Use Portal Tomes in Diablo Immortal

First off, you’ll need to be level 60, finish the main story of Diablo Immortal, and then you have to head to Kulle’s Hidden Chamber. You will also need to bump the difficulty up to Hell 1, which unlocks after beating the main story. This is a daily activity you can complete that will task you with collecting five lost pages scattered around this dungeon. Once you’ve unlocked the fifth and last page for the day, you’ll be given a Portal Tome.

The Portal Tome does not get added to your inventory; you actually need to hit the magnifying glass icon next to the quest on your screen. This will then open up a separate menu asking if you would like to use the Portal Tome. The quest will appear on your main screen on the left-hand side. Once you collect the final page, the game will even highlight the box you need to click on to proc the menu option.

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This will spawn two different world bosses for you to kill for some endgame loot.

Once you’ve used the Portal Tome, just click on the quest again, and it will automatically take you to the world boss’ spawn location for you to fight and (hopefully) defeat it.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to use Portal Tomes in Diablo Immortal. We have all of the end game activities explained if you need some help learning what to do next in the game.

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