How to Unlock Planar Bazaar in World of Light and Dark Adventure in Vampire Survivors

We could call ourselves the plane bazaar travellers, y'know?

Planaar Bazaar Vampire Survivors World of Light and Dark
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In-game shop within the World of Light and Dark Adventure in Vampire Survivors is called Planar Bazaar and offers you to buy (and unlock) all sorts of weapons and items, but it requires you to reach Level 80 first. Here’s how you can do it effectively and with haste.

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How to Reach Level 80 in World of Light and Dark Adventure in Vampire Survivors

Reaching Level 80 does not need to be necessarily tricky in Vampire Survivors, even in the Adventures mode, which causes you to build everything up from scratch. Fortunately enough, all relics and arcanas you had in the core game are immediately available in your collection in the Adventures mode, so let’s see what else can be done to make this unlock easier and faster.

PowerUp Selection

Consider buying these PowerUps:

  • Recovery
  • Defang
  • Might
  • Max Health
  • Armor
  • Cooldown
  • Revival

…because they will dramatically increase your chances of surviving. It’s of utmost importance to have Growth as well, because you need every XP increase you can get.

Character Selection

A quick Tier List for this challenge would look something like this (the characters on the top of this list being the strongest picks):

  • Pugnala
  • Zi’Assunta
  • Imelda Belpaese
  • Krochi
  • Suor Clerici
  • Poppea Pecorina
  • Yatta Cavallo
  • Concetta Caciotta
  • Giovanna Grana

Arcana Selection

  • Arcana IV – Awake grants you three revivals. Gives you more time to reach Level 80 if you happen to lose a life.
  • Arcana VIII – Mad Groove gathers all XP gems and items you can pick up around you every two minutes.
  • Third Arcana should be supportive of the weapons you are using, so choose carefully, because you probably won’t be spending Gold to buy rerolls.

In-Game Item Selection

No specific weapons are needed for this feat. The choices are limited, but you can make it work. Remember the Evolution Chart Cheat Sheet when choosing Weapons and Passive Items.

That’s all about unlocking the Planar Bazaar, I wish you a happy shopping session! If you want to learn how to unlock the rest of the stuff in the World of Light and Dark we have a complete library of guides available.

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