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How to Unlock Cosmo Pavone Secret Character in Vampire Survivors

This seems fairly simple at first...

by Nikola L

As the developers of Vampire Survivors promised, we have two new characters in patch 0.10. Prima Games, of course, follows the game with a passion, and we have managed to get Cosmo Pavone unlocked – but not too easily. You are probably here because you are encountering the same issues as we did, and you will be glad to hear that there is a solution to the problem. Keep reading, and you too will soon meet Cosmo Pavone. Here’s how to unlock the secret character in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get Cosmo Pavone, New Secret Character in Vampire Survivors 0.10

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After getting the Scrolls of Morbane, you will see the hint for this unlock:

“With a pure heart and two good friends, visit the fiery balcony in Cappella Magna.”

Pure heart, pure heart, what could that be… Hollow Heart? Pummarola? NO.

Pure heart means that you do not have ANY Golden Eggs on the character you are attempting to complete this feat with.
If all of your characters have at least one Golden Egg (we’ve seen these people in the community) then you either need to get a new character unlocked (oh look, Big Trousers is unlockable in this patch!) or if you have soiled them all, you need to wait for the next patch since disabling eggs does not work.

Ideally, you can do this with Exdash (unlock guide available) because he has one of the two other ingredients by default.

Two Good Friends are Peachone and Ebony Wings. You need to have them both in your Weapons Inventory and then you need to go into Cappella Magna. When you reach Cappella Magna, try your best to reroll into those two birds as soon as possible if you aren’t lucky to get them immediately.

On the map, you will see the Flamethrower pick-up (Nduja Fritta Tanto) up north. After getting both bird weapons, pick up the Flamethrower and burn down the gates under it, and you will reach Cosmo Pavone. Have a look at our gallery below and see how it looks in action, and what this secret character does.

Cosmo Pavone has NO starter weapons. Instead, Cosmo Pavone has Peachone and Ebony Wings fly around rent-free (literally).
They do not occupy the weapon slots and they serve as additional firepower to the usual six weapons that you can have.

We hope that this guide has been helpful and we wish you fast unlocking of all of the new content. Make sure to check our game tag below for more recent unlock guides.

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