How To Unlock All Hidden Characters in AEW Fight Forever

How To Unlock All Hidden Characters in AEW Fight Forever

Brodie Lee, Paul Wight and even Owen Hart is in there!

The first AEW game has arrived, bringing back an arcade style of wrestling not seen since the Nintendo 64 days and WWF No Mercy. There are numerous active AEW wrestlers in Fight Forever, and many will be introduced through season pass DLC down the road, but in the classic arcade manner, there are also a few hidden characters in the game that may be unlocked. Let’s check how to unlock all hidden characters in AEW Fight Forever.

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How To Unlock All Hidden Characters in AEW Fight Forever

In AEW Fight Forever, you can unlock all the hidden characters from the in-game store. However, only Cody Rhodes and Aubry Edwards are available immediately. To add the other characters to your roster, you must fulfill specific conditions in the Road to Elite mode and earn in-game credits to purchase them.

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How to Unlock Owen Hart in AEW Fight Forever

To unlock the legendary Owen Hart, whose name is used in one of the recent AEW tournaments, you need to play 100 exhibition matches. You can choose any opponent and difficulty setting as long as you participate in exactly 100 exhibition matches. When you meet this criteria, Owen Heart will appear in the in-game shop where you can unlock him for 50,000 credits.

How to Unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever

The leader of the Dark Order and AEW legend who left us too soon is in the game! To unlock “The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee, you need to defeat him in Road to Elite mode for the TNT championship. To get there first you must enter the Casino Battle Royale match and lose it as soon as it starts. After that, continue to win the following regular matches until the end of this storyline block, and then select the “Go Sightseeing” option to trigger an invitation to join the Dark Order – which you should accept. During the following matches, there is a random chance that Brodie Lee will interfere and attack you! After that, you will have the opportunity to challenge him for the TNT championship – if you beat him, he will be added to the in-game store for 30,000 credits.

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How to Unlock Paul Wight in AEW Fight Forever

Remember Big Show from WWE? Well, he is in AEW as well, but more in the role of a broadcast commentator. However, in Fight Forever it is possible to have a match with Paul Wight (his real name) and even unlock him as a playable character. In the Road to Elite mode, keep losing matches intentionally until the “Who’s Ribbing Me?” storyline is unlocked. Keep losing matches until the third week of this storyline when the match with Paul will be triggered. Good luck winning it, because this is one of the hardest fights in this mode! If you do manage to defeat him, the ex-WCW Giant will be added to the in-game store for 30,000 credits.

Those would be all the hidden wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever that can be unlocked in the Road to Elite mode for now. For more additional characters, there is a fully detailed DLC roadmap (you can check it in the full roster list), but it remains to be seen whether some more characters that can be unlocked the old-school way will be added through updates.

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