Is Cody Rhodes in AEW Fight Forever?

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Is Cody Rhodes in AEW Fight Forever

Son of a common man and a grandson of a plumber, Cody Rhodes made a smooth transition from AEW to WWE without changing anything in his gimmick, or even his epic theme song. Now it seems that, at least in the video game world, Cody will be present on both sides.. or will he? Let’s find out will Cody Rhodes be playable in AEW Fight Forever.

Is Cody Rhodes Still on the AEW Fight Forever Roster?

As the first official AEW video game has been in development for a very long time, we saw Cody Rhodes as a playable character in some of the first few demos. Yet after his return to WWE in 2022, the question arises whether he will remain on the AEW Fight Forever roster or will be cut at the last minute due to possible licensing issues. To make things more interesting, because of the many delays of the AEW game, WWE and 2K had the opportunity to launch their new title in the meantime – WWE 2K23 was released in March 2023 and it heavily featured Cody Rhodes during the promotion of the game and, of course, has him fully present as a playable character, complete with his new styling and entrance that he carried over from AEW.

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Cody Rhodes was almost featured in last year’s WWE 2K22 as well, but Cody himself was against it, wanting the WWE audience to get to know his latest iteration a little better before he was featured in the game. In an interview with ComicBook Nation in 2022 Cody stated:

“I’d even go as far as saying I won’t put the heat on 2K for me not being in the game initially, and then waiting until the modern iteration for it to happen. The reason is that I’m very particular about ‘The American Nightmare,’ the whole concept of it, something I built while I was away.”

So, what does this all mean for AEW Fight Forever? Well, we don’t know for sure yet. The game’s official website does not contain any roster information, and as this long-awaited title is coming out on June 29, we probably won’t know for sure until the game drops and the Day One patch is applied.

Leaks that have surfaced these days on Twitter (see above, and sorry for the language) confirm Cody’s presence in the game – even one of his recent WWE promos seems to be in there. The cringe one with the frog and the scorpion. Very weird. But it remains to be seen if Cody Rhodes will remain in the AEW Fight Forever or if he will be possibly cut with the Day One patch.

Although THQ still seems to be tight-lipped about it, AEW’s Kenny Omega seems to have confirmed Cody’s presence in their first game (via BleacherReport), saying “This may come as a surprise to people, but Cody is still in the game,”. According to Omega, Cody’s presence in the game will be a tribute to his involvement in the founding of AEW and the first years he spent there. I won’t believe it until I see it!

UPDATE: As the final version of the AEW Fight Forever was released today we can confirm that Cody Rhodes is indeed in the game – but he needs to be unlocked first in the SHOP / MORE ITEMS tab for 10,000 in-game credits.

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