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WWE 2K23 How To Unlock Action Figure John Cena

Not creepy at all!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
WWE 2K23 How To Unlock Action Figure John Cena

The focus of WWE 2K23 is none other than the legendary John Cena! One of the greatest WWE superstars of modern times is not only on the cover of every version of the new 2K game, but his rich career is also the topic of this year’s Showcase mode. Although in this mode you will play as John Cena’s opponents who actually managed to defeat him, there are a large number of versions of the legendary pro wrestler in the game.

From blonde-haired Prototype days in developmental, through many colors of t-shirts and baseball caps, all the way to the playable invisible Cena – it’s all in there. However, there is another version of the Champ in WWE 2K23 that is not so easy to unlock, it is a skin that makes Cena look like a Mattel action figure – let’s find out how to unlock it.

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WWE 2K23 How To Unlock Action Figure John Cena

This very unique skin that represents a plastic version of John Cena’s Mattel action figure come to life, complete with plastic joints and a face constantly stuck in a creepy smile, was first discovered by modders as one of the characters in the MyFaction mode. However, in order to unlock the plastic leader of Cenation the right way, you will need to buy a real-life WWE action figure at Walmart and follow the next steps:

  1. Find and purchase a qualifying WWE action figure by Mattel (check the full list here)
  2. Take a picture of the receipt from Walmart
  3. Go to the ruthlessredemption.com and submit your receipt photo there
  4. Once the photo is uploaded you will get a confirmation and a registration form to fill in
  5. After the form is submitted you will receive a code to redeem the John Cena Action Figure skin
  6. Enter the code in the WWE 2K23

This promotion runs through September 16, 2023, and is only available in the US.

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For now, it is not known whether it is possible to unlock the Action Figure John Cena in MyFaction mode without modding the game or without buying an action figure, some players claim they have unlocked it randomly just by opening MyFaction card packs but we cannot confirm it for now.

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