WWE 2K23 - Season Pass and DLC Plans Revealed

WWE 2K23 – Season Pass and DLC Plans Revealed

NXT superstars, legends, and unexpected additions come with the 5 DLC packs

The new sports-entertainment simulation WWE 2K23 arrives on March 14, 2023, just in time for the warm-up in the midst of this year’s Wrestlemania season! With John Cena gracing the cover of many different versions that have been announced, pro-wrestling fans are eagerly awaiting the latest 2K edition which will bring many improvements after the last year’s decent release and an extremely rich roster of currently active superstars and WWE legends.

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In addition to that, through the Season Pass (which consists of five DLC packs) that will be released post-launch from April to August, even more wrestlers (sport-entertainers!) will be added to the already long list of playable WWE characters. Check out below to find out what comes with the Season Pass for WWE 2K23 and the content of each DLC pack that has been announced.

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WWE 2K23 – Season Pass and DLC Plans Revealed

As always, the full DLC roadmap is revealed ahead of the release, so you can be 100% sure what are you getting if you decide to purchase that Season Pass for WWE 2K23.

Steiner Row DLC Pack (April 19)

The first DLC pack is headlined by the legendary Steiner Bros tag team! Current NXT Champion Bron Breaker’s father and uncle Scott are in the game!

  • Scott Steiner
  • Rick Steiner
  • Ashante “Thee” Adonis
  • Top Dolla
  • B-Fab (non-playable manager)

Pretty Sweet DLC Pack (May 17)

A nod to the Bullet Club? Good Brothers are back! At least in the game. This DLC reminded me that they actually came back to WWE recently, but we don’t see them on TV that much.

  • Karl Anderson
  • Luke Gallows
  • Tiffany Stratton
  • Elton Prince
  • Kit Wilson

Race to NXT DLC Pack (June 14)

One legendary wrestler from a completely different time in the same pack with the future prospects of NXT.

  • Harley Race
  • Ivy Nile
  • Wendy Choo
  • Tony D’Angelo
  • Trick Williams

Revel with Wyatt DLC Pack (July 19)

It’s the obligatory freaks pack. We have Bray Wyatt possibly in his Mountain Dew Pitch Black Fiend version. For some reason, Zeus who you might remember from Hulk Hogan’s 1998 film No Holds Barred will be added as well, and even Joe Gacy is there! Oh my.

  • Bray Wyatt
  • Zeus
  • Valhalla
  • Joe Gacy
  • Blaire Davenport

Bad News U DLC Pack (August 16)

Although many know him as a commentator, Wade Barrett had a great wrestling career, one of his most entertaining gimmicks was Bad News Barrett and that is exactly the version we gonna get in this DLC! There is also the legendary diva Eve Torres and some NXT guys making a 2K debut.

  • Eve Torres
  • Wade Barrett
  • Damon Kemp
  • Andre Chase 
  • Nathan Frazer

So there you have it, that would be all the DLC packs and the WWE characters that come with them – basically, that’s all we’ll get this year with WWE 2K23, because 2K doesn’t tend to add anything else outside of previously planned Season Pass content. Anyway, we really can’t complain, as we will get one of the most up-to-date rosters in their games so far, with some fun bonuses as well.

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