Does AEW Fight Forever Have Crossplay?

Can you settle platform differences in the wrestling ring?

Does AEW Fight Forever Have Crossplay

The highly anticipated AEW Fight Forever game is set to release soon, and wrestling fans are excited for a major release that doesn’t feature the “WWE” branding. Although we are only days away from the release of the first AEW official video game, some details about it are still not 100% clear.

We know that AEW Fight Forever is coming to many different systems; including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and even Windows PC and Nintendo Switch, but will it have crossplay? Will the players from different platforms be able to play together? Let’s find out.

Is AEW Fight Forever Crossplay?

Similar to the presence of Cody Rhodes in the game or the complete list of the roster, we do not have a 100% accurate confirmation for the crossplay possibilities of AEW Fight Forever, and we probably won’t know for sure until the game is in our hands on June 29, 2023.

On the official website of the publisher THQ Nordic, there is a FAQ page with answers to many questions – among them is the question about cross-play. To the question “Will the game have cross-play between consoles and PC?” the offered answer is “We don’t support cross-play between different consoles and PC. There is cross-generation, which means PS4 can play with PS5 and Xbox Series S/X can play with Xbox One.”

This should officially confirm that there will be no cross-play in AEW Fight Forever. This FAQ page was last updated recently, and that would normally settle it, if only AEW star Kenny Omega hadn’t stated in an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio that the game would have full cross-play and cross-platform multiplayer. Who to trust? Well, you can trust us, but when we get the game and update this article! Until then enjoy the hype and see you in the AEW ring.

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UPDATE: As the full version of AEW Fight Forever was released today, we can confirm that THQ’s FAQ page was right this time – the situation with the cross-play is exactly as it is stated there.

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