How to Unlock Cody Rhodes and Aubrey Edwards in AEW Fight Forever

American Nightmare and a ref

How to Unlock Cody Rhodes and Aubrey Edwards in AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever is finally here! The first official game of the new popular wrestling promotion is out, and we got answers to many long-asked questions like Is Cody Rhodes in the game? As it seems he is, but it is a little bit complicated.

When you boot up Fight Forever for the first time, Cody will not be in the default roster, but just like a couple of other additional characters that are included in every version of the game, he needs to be unlocked – so let’s find out how how to unlock Cody Rhodes in AEW Fight Forever.

How to Unlock Cody Rhodes and Aubrey Edwards in AEW Fight Forever

To unlock “The American Nightmare” in AEW Fight Forever from the main menu of the game go to “SHOP”, and navigate to “MORE ITEMS” where you will see that you can unlock Cody Rhodes for 10,000 in-game credits. Also, right beside Cody, you will notice the AEW’s female referee Aubrey Edwards that can also be unlocked but for 20,000 in-game credits.

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You will not have these credits at the beginning of the game nor is there a way to earn them quickly, you will have to grind for them for some time. To earn credits in AEW Fight Forever you will need to win matches and complete various in-game challenges. The grind for these 30,000 credits for Cody and Aubrey won’t be that long, nothing Street Fighter-like, but it won’t be instant. Once unlocked, Cody and Aubrey can be selected for all kinds of matches in Fight Forever.

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