AEW Fight Forever Metacritic Score Revealed

Do we have a title contender or is it back to developmental for the first AEW game?

AEW Fight Forever Metacritic Score Revealed

After what we would describe as a lite version of development hell, AEW Fight Forever is finally out! Fans of wrestling games have long awaited the moment when they get a high-budget title that is not under the WWE license. AEW Fight Forever marks the debut video game for the newly-established wrestling promotion in 2019. The game also signifies the comeback of Yuke’s, the developer who previously worked on WWE games before taking a break for a few years.

The focus of the first AEW game is not on simulation, but rather on recreating the enjoyable experience of wrestling games from the “golden age” of Nintendo 64 and the first PlayStation. How did this combination ultimately turn out, and what did the critics think of it? Let’s check the AEW Fight Forever review scores on Metacritic.

What is AEW Fight Forever Metacritic Score?

On the review score aggregator website Metacritic, the AEW Fight Forever for PlayStation 5 has a Metascore of 63 from 31 critic reviews while the PC version ranks a little bit higher with a score of 68 from only 7 reviews. The Nintendo Switch version is in the red with a really low score of 47. Versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X consoles do not have enough reviews yet to calculate the Metascore.

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Most reviews cite the lack of meaningful content outside of the career mode as the biggest flaw, as well as a lot of glitches in the launch version. Although the bugs and glitches are nowhere near the disaster known as WWE 2K20 (Metacritic: 43), the situation is still much worse than in recent WWE games. For the sake of comparison, WWE 2K22 had a Metascore of 77 (for the PS5 version), while this year’s WWE 2K23 had 82 (for the PS5 as well).

Even if the ratings fall short of expectations, you can still enjoy this game, especially if you’re a fan of AEW. However, it’s uncertain whether THQ will release AEW games every year or if they’ll improve this title through updates and patches. Either way, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

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