How To Turn Off Motion Blur In Spider-Man 2

Find out how to remove this visual option easily.

Motion Blur is a great feature for those who want to feel like they’re always moving at the speed of light, but it can also be hard on those affected by motion sickness. Let’s find out how to turn off this visual feature in Spider-Man 2.

How To Remove Motion Blur From Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

To turn off Motion Blur, you’re going to head into the Settings Menu, which can be accessed by pressing the Options button. Once inside Settings, make your way down to Visual Settings, and you’ll quickly find Motion Blur, alongside other options like Comic SFX and Film Style Animation. Use left or right on the D-Pad to turn off Motion Blur, and give the game a test. You should see an immediate difference, and motion sickness should be drastically reduced.

Motion Blur is exactly as it sounds. It’s a feature that makes the edges of the world blur out when you’re moving at high speeds, giving you an enhanced sense of speed. However, while turning the camera or making any sudden movements, Motion Blur can cause those affected by motion sickness to get hit hard, so knowing how to turn this feature off is rather important. Thankfully, much like Chromatic Aberration, turning it off is easier than taking out a goon in Central Park.

One of the best parts of Spider-Man 2 is how they make the game playable for everyone, and including options to turn off features like Motion Blur helps players enjoy the game to their full potential. The game does feature a pretty heavy blur effect, especially when you’re using your Web Wings to blast through New York, and eliminating that feature will make it far more exciting for those who were suffering before.

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