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How to Spread Rumors in BitLife

by Nikola Pajtic

BitLife offers a unique real-life experience on iOS and Android, using text to play out characters’ lives as they navigate through school, different careers, and social situations. There are a ton of things to do in the game, and starting a rumor is just one of many. If you don’t know how to do so, here’s how to spread rumors in BitLife.

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How to Start Rumor in BitLife

Before starting a rumor about someone, you must befriend them. Yeah, we know, it is mean, but that’s life… Well, BitLife.

Making friends in BitLife is rather easy. As you age up your character, a random NPC will pop the friendship question, and if you decide to accept, they will appear in your ‘Relationships’ menu. 

Before starting a rumor, you first need to nurture that friendship. Make it long-lasting. Make them believe you are their true friend. Spend time with them and do everything together, and then, once you’re ready to ruin everything you built up, simply go to the relationship menu, click on the friend, and scroll down until you find the Start a Rumor button. Your character must be at least 12 years old to spread a rumor. 

Once the rumor is out, your friendship will decline, and, in extreme cases, your now ex-friend may attack you, which can even result in death. Yup, they can murder you for it.

Congratulations, you have successfully spread a rumor about a friend. This particular task is a part of many BitLife weekly challenges including the Bridgerton Challenge and Mean Girl Challenge, among others. 

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