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How to Spawn Mega Units in Squad Busters

Tokens, tokens, and more tokens!

In Squad Busters, there are different classifications for the units. You can classify them according to their rarity, but if you look at the units as a whole, you can also divide them into normal units and mega units. Mega units are plus-sized units that are way stronger than regular units, but they are extremely rare. Here are the mechanics involving mega units so you know how you can alter your playstyle and find more of them in Squad Busters.

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Squad Busters – Mega Units, Explained

Mega Units are basically almost 10 units in one. These units are so strong that if someone gets it, you can surely come back from anything. If you look at the image above, you can see the stats of a typical Mega unit. Magical Shelly has 9,000 health and 765 DPS. Mega units will turn any squad into a contender no matter how far behind you are.

However, it does say “Lucky Find” on top of the card. This is because it has the highest rarity of all the things you can find in a chest in-game. You can play 10 matches and not find a single Mega unit.

Apart from the difficulty of finding Mega units, you also have to unlock them. You’ll get Mega units as character tokens, but you don’t need to upgrade these characters. These tokens are the number of uses you have for the particular Mega unit. So, if you use one Mega unit in the game, you’ll burn through one token. But, seeing as how rare these Mega units are, they don’t matter as much. If it does show up, this is where pay-to-win players would have some form of advantage.

How to Get Mega Units in Squad Busters

There are also tricks to finding Mega units while in a match. Squad Busters has a catch-up system, which is commonly seen in competitive games. If you are lagging behind, you have a higher chance of finding epic units through chests. If you don’t have these epic units unlocked or upgraded, they can still show up and you won’t be able to buy them. These epic units become more common while behind, and the Mega units actually become more attainable, too.

They are still rare, but if you want to look for Mega units, you should play around 6th to 10th place. You can be behind and still have the best squads or best characters because the match ranking is based on the number of gems and not your squad power.

You can actually have a playstyle designed to try and find Mega units and try to destroy everyone in the last 30 seconds of the match. You can go for Goblins to get more gold and spike up your power without getting as many gems. But, keep in mind that finding the Mega unit is still rare, so it isn’t the best strategy out there.

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