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How to Upgrade Characters in Squad Busters

Squad up and evolve your characters!

Squad Busters brings all the beloved characters from all the Supercell games into one place, but you do have to unlock and upgrade them all. Getting all these characters and upgrading them is a bit confusing, but it is straightforward once you get the hang of it. In this guide, we’ll explain how to upgrade your characters and explain all the mechanics of getting these characters in Squad Busters.

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How to Evolve Characters in Squad Busters

Before we discuss character evolutions, you need to understand how the star system works in the game. There is a total of four stars a character can have, and each star corresponds to their tier level. The tier levels are the same for each character, which are the following:

  • Baby
  • Classic
  • Super
  • Ultra

You can also treat these tier levels as evolution levels. To evolve a baby into a classic version of a character, you need 10 baby tokens of the same character. Once you get 10 baby tokens, you can evolve it from the squad menu, and it will turn into one classic token. Now, to unlock the super evolution of a character, you need 10 classic tokens. You see where the game is going with this. In short, to get the ultra version of a character, you need 1,000 baby tokens of the same character.

It’ll take you months of consistent play and luck to get one without spending a dime, but that’s how the game is designed.

How to Get More Characters in Squad Busters

Some characters unlock through the Gem Pass, Squad Journey, or even the beginner challenges. These are fixed so that everyone can get a new character when they play the game, regardless if they spent money or not.

Apart from the fixed character unlocks, you’ll need to find the other character tokens from chests, the shop, challenges, weekly quests, and the free daily chest in your Plaza.

You only need one baby token of a character to unlock its usage in-game, so the more chests you open, the more characters you can find. For the most efficient way of getting character tokens, you should always use up your free chests that open when you play a game of Squad Busters. It refreshes every three hours, and you can store up to three chests at a time.

If you run out of chests, you can spend your gold to refill it and play more games. It is a cost-efficient way to spend your gold, but you should always remember to keep gold stockpiled because gold is extremely hard to get. You may find a great upgrade in the daily shop, and you might not have the gold to buy it. If you do buy a character token from the shop and you don’t have that character yet, it is the easiest way to unlock a new character if you buy it directly.

If you have no problem spending a few bucks, the Gem Pass is extremely worth it, and it gives you a ton of characters, as long as you finish it. They also sell some characters outright for a few bucks, but it doesn’t give as much value for your money compared to the Gem Pass.

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