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Where Should You Spend Your Gold in Squad Busters? – Answered

Where did all that gold go?

Supercell’s Squad Busters made things a little interesting when they made gold the game’s free and premium currency. These are used on almost everything in the game, apart from Plaza cosmetics, so it would be best to know where you should spend your gold efficiently in Squad Busters.

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What Can You Buy with Gold in Squad Busters?

Here are the ways you can spend gold in Squad Busters:

  • Characters or Character Tokens
  • Chest refills
  • Refreshing the gold shop
  • Keeping your winning streak

There are only a few options available, but if you want to capitalize on your hard-earned gold, you should only buy the chest refills. The x1 chest refill costs 2,500 gold while the x3 chest refill costs 6,000 gold. You should only go for the x3 chest refill. It is extremely difficult to make gold outside of the quests and challenges, so you need to be conservative.

These chests allow you to get another chest reward when playing a game of Squad Busters. Your chest naturally refills over time or three hours for each chest refill. However, if you spend your gold on chest refills, you are getting more character tokens compared to buying them directly from the shop.

Let’s do a bit of calculation. Let’s take the Barbarian King (baby) x8 for 9,600 gold as an example, as seen in the image above. That costs about 4.5 chest refills, which means you open 4.5 chests with a chance to get character tokens. Let’s say you get the absolute minimum when you open the 4.5 chests, which is around two character tokens per chest. You still get more than eight character tokens.

Now, the Barbarian King is an epic-quality character token. It is much harder to find compared to lesser rarity tokens if you are looking for them in chests. In this case, it is a bit worth it to buy the epic rarity character tokens with gold.

However, let’s look at another perspective. If you have won eight times in a row (finishing at least 5th place or above), you get three more upgrade chances when you open a chest. Since you also have to win the current game you played to get the upgrade chances, you initially get more upgrade chances when you open a chest.

In the best-case scenario, if your chest upgrades to an epic-quality chest and reaches the “Super Big” tag, you can get a whopping 8+ character tokens. It rarely happens, but it does happen. As long as you keep your streak, the more likely it is to happen, and this is the main reason why you should always bet on yourself and just use gold to buy chest refills.

If you lose, you can spend gold to refresh your winning streak. However, this is not worth it unless you are confident you can win comfortably and you just made a mistake once.

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