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How to Get Gold Fast in Squad Busters

Care for some gold, lil goblin?

While there is no way to get unlimited gold in Squad Busters, unless you are willing to pay, there are other effective ways to get gold. You’ll even be surprised how easy it is to get gold once you know all the sources you can get it from. Here’s a quick guide on the fastest way to get gold in Squad Busters without spending your hard-earned money. Save that wallet!

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Best Ways to Get Gold in Squad Busters

Here’s a quick list of all the ways or methods you can acquire gold in Squad Busters:

  • Weekly Quests
  • Gem Pass (Free & Premium)
  • Squad Journey
  • Challenges
  • Beginner Quests

If you look at all the methods, there’s no strict way to farm gold by playing for hours on end. All of these methods have limitations, and we’ll go through them quickly.

Before you spend your gold, make sure to check our guide on how to spend your gold efficiently so you can maximize your earnings.

Weekly Quests

Weekly quests arrive as soon as you finish the beginner quest or challenges. This is for every new account made, so you better get those beginner quests done so you can start the weekly quest rotations.

For each day, you’ll receive a quest you have to finish, which is weird because it should be labeled as a daily quest instead of a weekly quest. The rewards alternate between getting a loot chest that contains your favorite characters or gold. In a way, you’ll get three to four shots at getting gold through weekly quests.

Gem Pass

The Gem Pass gives you gold in bulk every time you reach a certain milestone. If you complete the whole free Gem Pass line, you’ll get close to roughly 20,000+ gold depending on the current Gem Pass.

If you choose to buy the Gem Pass, you’ll get 80,000 gold if you finish the whole thing. This may change on the next Gem Passes, but you can expect a big bulk of gold every time you finish the premium version of the Gem Pass.

Squad Journey

You can think of the Squad Journey as another battle pass, but it is a free one that is tailored to help you progress little by little through all the features in Squad Busters.

It has tons of rewards, but I believe this doesn’t reset even if you look at the end with a countdown on it. Apart from getting gold, you’ll unlock different worlds that unlock other stages, characters, and game modes. In the end, you’ll unlock the Squad League, which is the game’s competitive league, which is probably the reason why there’s a timer on it, as the ranks will reset once it is over.

There could be a possibility of huge gold rewards to those who sit on top of the leaderboards, especially considering that Supercell has done this with their flagship game, Clash of Clans.


Apart from quests, you’ll also see the occasional mystery challenges in your Plaza. You have to unlock your Plaza through the Squad Journey before seeing these mystery challenges.

These mystery challenges give you cards to reveal, and you get a card reveal every time you open a chest through playing a game of Squad Busters. Most rewards are characters or key items you can use while in-game, but it occasionally gives you gold as well.

Beginner Quests

Beginner quests are basically weekly quests, but you get better rewards, and you can only finish it once. It is a welcoming quest chain for all the new players in Squad Busters.

With all these methods, the most efficient way to get gold is by finishing all the weekly quests and challenges every week. You don’t have to play that much unless you want to. If you consistently play, you’ll finish the Gem Pass and, eventually, the Squad Journey.

Most Efficient Way to Spend Money in Squad Busters

If you want to spend your hard-earned money in the game, there are items from which you can get the most value.

The Gem Pass will always be the go-to product in terms of value, but it is hinged on the fact that you have to finish the Gem Pass to get the maximum value. This should be your priority when buying anything in Squad Busters.

If you want to spend a little more, you should go for the Starter Bundles, which cost about a dollar to help you get started. Even if some of these bundles say 6x value or anything like that, Gem Passes blows it out of the park, so everything you buy apart from the Gem Pass will have less value.

Got a little more cash to spend? You should just avoid buying gold directly and go for the bundles. Capitalize on buying all the bundles first, depending on what you need. If you have burned through all the bundles, that’s the only time you should buy gold directly from the shop.

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